Alex Jones van bestendigt ellende, Inc. terwijl terecht uitdagend de globalisten

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Een essay schreef ik zojuist in reactie op de hysterie-mongering van Alex Jones (van richting zowel de sterke als de zwakke groepen van zondebokken. Zijn populisme worden alleen toegevoegd aan Misery Loves Company , Ik denk, en lijkt te willen sturen van zijn massa's naar de dezelfde oude domheid van oorlog-oorlog-oorlog.

Note that the translator I know of does not allow larger texts, and to avoid the tediousness of doing it the way they allow, I am going to only translate that summary. Note also, I am posting this here only because the english sites that I know of have been blocked at this moment.


An essay I wrote just now in response to the hysteria-mongering of Alex Jones (of towards both weak and strong groups of scapegoats. His populism only adds to Misery Loves Company, I think, and seems to want to steer his masses towards the same old stupidity of war war war.

I was listening to a recent monologue by Alex Jones of (I think his show is one of the more interesting and ideologically varied shows out there, and worth exploring if you're a critical thinker at all) and I decided it might be a good time to speak up. Having said that, please "bear with me" as I am going to attempt to articulate myself while under somewhat intense pressures. Any editing suggestions are welcome.

While I am IN AGREEMENT with Alex Jones on his challenge to the globalists, I do NOT agree with him, about perpetuating warlike mindsets (and their consequences) on ANY group of people. Because to me that kind of self-training seems to "play right into the hands of" those who have perfected "the art of war" in all its guises. Yes, I am saying that Alex Jones, when it comes to this, appears to be ADDING TO the stupidity and misery that is ruining the Earth and millions of people's lives.

Certainly this comes as no surprise to the "seasoned" amongst you; but I am not seeking to speak to you all, I seek to speak towards the younger set, the Rollback generation (see Chomsky on the concept of Rollback). The ones whom have been under an especially intense program (from about 1975 to the present), at least in the u.s.a./n.a.t.o. countries.

Whether the demonized are people labeled with psychiatric(k) reductions (i.e. "pedophile"), or even the severely alienated leading architects and elite implementers of 'Brave New World', there are crucial CONTEXTS to their behavior and mindsets which Alex Jones seems unable to comprehend at this juncture. (And may likely be so entranced by the momentum his populism is bringing him, that he will not and cannot promote REAL SOLUTIONS.)

These crucial contexts --and according to my institutional analysis are two-fold at the very least-- include two key times of pressuring people to Go Along With The Established Program, No Matter What. The first is when we are quite unprepared kids, and the second is pushed even heavier when we grow up (and still "buck the line" whether not-articulately, semi-articulately, or approaching more full articulations).

All people who are so-called "schooled" institutionally are attacked psychologically in both overt and covert ways. Here I want to bring attention to the covert side of the quotient. Even elite kids do not escape covert coercions passed down through the generations (of war-mongers). And I say this in the context of When Another Student "Is Made An Example Of For The Rest of The Class".

What that kid (including elites in private schools, I think) goes through, whether being forced into psychia-trickery, expelled, sent to military school, or being "disowned" by his parents for "Not Shaping Up", is ALSO experienced by the bystanders of his/her punishment. This is a covert form of warfare directed at even the elites! And if they don't conform? They risk being crushed as well!

Thus we find psychological genocide. Where we "learn" to silence our hearts, and wreak the consequences: From becoming alcoholics to firing our pain at other, weaker groups, to experiencing all sorts of medical difficulties.

ALL of "the citizens" get to go through this form of social processing and the world is turned upside-down. Chomsky does humanity a real service by teasing out several examples of this warfare against all, i.e. Those Who Can, Instill The Proper Values (ad nauseum).

This is "not a moot point". This is a very real way that statecraft uses to block greatly-spirited human beings from pursuing their OWN evolutionary trajectory (a.k.a. intuitive desires and leanings and drives for how they wish to live their lives).

Our attentions get HOOKED, though, so that we all ("commoner" or "elite") pretty much "beat ourselves up inside our heads" whenever our heart -intuition calls us to follow its evolutionary excellence instead of the One Way Of Doing Things we are being constantly Told we Must Subordinate Ourselves to. Whether it is in how we uncritically accept Identities, or How One Goes About Being That Identity, or myriad other stuff, we are systematically taught to Put Our Heads Down and Shut Up.

Do I detect nervous laughter ahead of time? Imagine that.

The reality of who we are beyond the corralling attempts of the social science arm of social control's Way Of Doing Things is about getting in touch with our true organic purpose.

The gifts we are given by whichever entity (or poetry) you hold dear have a reason in them which we bring to what should have been a world of evolutionary-oriented villages and meaningful extended families --atll that we have been kept separated from and taught to distrust and therefore not pursue and discover (the easier we are ALL kept stuck in Misery Loves Company!).

So you Take Up The Frames of References surrounding you, and usually do not think seriously about other possible approaches to life. And all the while you are hurriedly being manipulated into wage slavery and debt and further uncritical trusting all the latest techniques of social control.

And we systematically see, if we think this allegedly "crazy" stuff through seriously, our FORGETTING the ancient tribal excellence of who we are and why we have the heart-felt care/solidarity feelings towards kids that we have.

As this whole enchanted realm of power ceases from our memory, and even our imaginations, the organic solidarity feelings we have for kids are saturated with well-financed, "slick" and seemingly "Legit" so-called "solutions" to our symptoms...

And as we internally or externally flail (finding no meaningful frame of reference, much less solidarity community in time of crisis, to which we can stand with our hearts safely when we need it) here comes the social scientists (the new religion, as Dr.Tom Szasz always pointed out), in the place of the old religious 'scientists', twisting and reducing us into myriad "pathologies" (using "germs of truth" of course, while excising ANY MEMORY of the excellence of our tendencies, in exchange for Legitimacy theater/theatre--which only exists as a Wizard of Oz effigy, due to its having rendered A Service to statecraft/Alienation, Inc.).

But having been surrounded by this propaganda, this technique (re: check out Jacques Ellul!), we "naturally" trust it. All the while, other truths have been and continue to be systematically alienated from our "serious" attention. Even our "good education" (Chomsky again) manipulates us away from any serious scrutiny of other excellences. I don't know if that is true in the "Ivy League" colleges, but it is true from M.I.T. on "down".

Everyone today is surrounded (at least i think in n.a.t.o. countries and likely their surrogates) by ultimately strong pressures to stay within these veritable social corrals. All 'citizens' of these so-called "developed" nations are bombarded systematically with these pressures. Some, albeit, are more intense bombardments, such as those selected as easy-enough targets for social scapegoating.

And all so-called "First World" nations, despite pretenses of all that Brave New World hype, HAVE TO HAVE scapegoats, have to act savagely towards these people, because they MUST keep "the rablle" and "the bewildered herd" (as Chomsky likes to say) "On The Proper Track" and away from meaningful participation in their alleged democracy.

The elites also have to be properly contained. And this belief is coercively handed "down" to each generation, elite and "commoner" alike.

One more thing:
Alex Jones also pushed the idea that Saul Alinsky and his book Rules For Radicals pushes a "Luceferian" agenda. Well, that's news to me, unless of course he meant metaphorically (as Jones alluded to once on the program when he spoke of Hillary Clinton as a demon and etc.). I myself was never keen on Alinsky's reformist-stuck politics, I was only inspired by his examples of confrontational nonviolence!

I think the bottom line for Alex Jones is that he is like most people, strategically challenged by the propaganda system. By the technique of Brave New World. Thus he may universalize his own pain, or the pains that he has heard of, upon all members of the groups he attacks.

And while I think there is some excellence to his challenge, even of "pedophiles" (i.e. those stuck not in solidarity with kids but instead stuck in socialized identities that ought to be seriously grappled with --such as what the activist, Roger Moody, of england used to do when discussing "sex tourism").

But as I've said at other times, most of "our" groups online appear to be dominated by globalist-leaning subordinates or would-be lackeys of the colonial-neocolonial system...and yet how could it not be so, given the contexts of coercion that we ALL have been put through.

Okay, I'm going to end this for now. I don't know when or if I will be able to engage in dialogue on this. My life is uncertain. I seem to be a "Targeted Individual" (look that up on youtube), and am currently experiencing varying levels of vigilante-type pressures to "run" and not stand my ground. I have been experiencing this pattern for a few years now, and realize that I will be forced to endure this psy op kind of attack where-ever I go.

In the excellence of the whistle-blowing spirit, I stand, no matter what, in some kind of solidarity with organic humanity; knowing that the propaganda system is likely too strong, and yet wanting to possibly inspire other daring spirits to continue with their daring!

Persistence has fertility!

(who shall join me in challenging Alex Jones and others like him, wherever we can? We need not be "organized"! I think solo challengers have their place right alongside those who seem to think they must only go through established means. And...if you feel you yourself cannot challenge auhtoritarianism where you see it, you can always participate indirectly by gifting your feedback, editing abilities, etc. to we who dare to speak!)

(p.s., feel free to pass this article around!)

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