Ende Gelände preparing meeting [Oldenburg]

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Waar: Oldenburg, Germany
Wanneer: 08/11/2016 - 15:56

Dear climate activist, dear trespasser, dear "peace disturber", dear restrictive injunction signature denier, dear rebels and dear everybody who wants to become such. We warmly invite you the next Ende Gelände meeting at the weekend from the *9th to 11th December 2016* in Oldenburg [1 uur rijden vanaf Groningen] - Yippie.

Never heard of Oldenburg, maybe apart of the fact that some Degrowth people live
This is your chance! Discover this small but very active city full of bikes and
initiatives but most importantly:
Be a part of preparing the next big step of the climate movement next year!

So plan your journey to North Western Germany and most importantly, register
yourself until *the 25th November* using:

Doing so you are helping us organize food and accommodation without getting
We tried to think of all needs (allergies, sleeping arrangements, languages,
accessibility). In case we forgot something - write us!

You never attended a Ende Gelände preparing meeting? You are even more invited!
There will be the possibility to get to know the process on Friday (despite
other things).
Most likely the meeting will start Friday at 17:30. If you arrive much earlier,
enter this fact in the comments while registering, so you won't have to wait
outside in the cold.
The meeting will end with lunch starting at 13.00 on Sunday.

We will talk about the next steps with Ende Gelände, i.e. concerning the results
of the Rhineland action conference [2] as well the question of a possible second
action 2017 in Lusatia. The exact agenda and procedure is currently developed by
the group who takes care of the agenda and moderation of the meeting. If you got
further topics that should be discussed in the meeting or want to be part of
this group: drop them a mail to moderation@ende-gelaende.org
A small summary [1] of the results of the last meeting in Berlin is attached below .

We have got the venue for Saturday and Sunday bullet proof - the Alhambra
(Hermannstraße 83, 26135 Oldenburg).
Since there is party at Alhambra on Friday, we will be at the Kreativ:LABOR
(Bahnhofstr. 11, 26122 Oldenburg).
The Alhambra is barrier-free (accessible) but unfortunately the Kreativ:LABOR is
not fully. So please tell us when registering if this concerns you so we can
enable your participation.

There will be a collective accommodation in the Alhambra and in a second place
(Das Hempels) in walking distance. Besides this there will various private hosts.
We will mail you the address of your accommodation more or less one week before
the start of the meeting
To get an overview of the locations use the following map:

If you have any questions concerning the locations, food or accommodation,
please don't hesitate to contact oldenburg@ende-gelaende.org.

Further information concerning the program and instructions how to get there
will be given later.

For the local organsation team.

Maja und Carli*

[1] Summaries of the decision taken at the last Ende Gelände Meeting in Berlin
(30th Sep to 2nd Oct 2016)
- Ende Gelände is organizing a mass action again coal in Rhineland 2017.
- A possible action in Lusatia 2017 will be discussed during the next meeting.
- Ende Gelände tries to coordinate itself with other actors of the climate
movement in the Rhineland.
The coordination is only about common action locations and action times.
We do *NOT* want a common PR, common action consensus, common call for action or
common mobilization.
In our own PR we just talk about Action of Ende Gelände and do not comment on
actions from other groups.
Doing so Ende Gelände tries to make sure that the independent character of every
action and of different actors during the action time can remain individualized
and authentic.

Short Summary Rhineland Action Conference:

Action Conference Cologne invites people to take action in the
Rhineland Coalfield from *August24 – 29, 2016* – with a focus on
coal-phase out and climate justice.
The time is common „core time“, actions and camp spaces that happen
before and afterwards are welcome.
The action days are element/peak of a general choreography throughout
the year, in which other actions (e.g. in the Lusatia coalfield, Red
Lines, RWE Annual General Meeting) can be part.

On *January 28, 2017* there will be a spokes meeting (with delegates
from different groups) to plan the action days in more detail. Until
then we will address different groups and invite them to take part in
these action days or within the choreography throughout the year.

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