Beginning in June: Civilisation Critical Summercamp at Traumschule Riebau

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Are you ready for real alternatives to the inhumane and deprecated civilisation, that since a long time doesn't serve human needs? We want a human friendly future, sharing knowledge, establishing contacts, learning new skills, developing and testing alternatives. How can we live a better life now and in the future without heteronomy, environmental destruction and consumerism madness?

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Beginning june the *civilisation critical summercamp* is being prepared and necessary infrastructure is being built. It is self-organized and Open Space.

Event location is the free space Traumschule Riebau, a former military building for border control, now an action platform and a self-organized skillsharing space in a green environment with four hectares for gardening. See

The camp also is a space for relaxation, hiking through the surrounding nature (like the green belt nearby), interesting discussions and stress-free talks.

When: First of June until September, open end. In July events and practical workshops take place for topics listed below like degrowth,
autarky, photovoltaic, solidary networking, living without money and many more. An always up-to-date list is here:

Afterwards the camp can go on for everybody still unenthused about civilization and repression!

During the summer also many other interesting camps take place (see
below). During these times the ongoing projects continue but we reduce
our fixed dates to a minimum. If you stay here, we are happy if you
start spontaneous workshops on your own. There will be many comfortable
corners for talking and planning, and when the weather is good, the
place offers enough outside space for relaxing, games, fun and music.

*Costs and Accomodation*

The camp is uncommercial and a self-organized Open Space that thrives
on your engagement. It works outside the barter or money logic. There
are no entry fees or anything like that. There will be money hats for
food etc. but no commercial interests.

Therefore, you basically need to bring a sleeping bag with you, and
otherwise just some good mood.

If you have good food, it es very welcome though.

For sleeping there will be communal spaces, guest wagons and our
currently unused railway station. If you need more comfort, please send
us an email. We are sure we can find a solution.

There is enough parking space for caravans and a big meadow for your

To avoid power structures and because of our intention to live without
bosses and formal hierarchies the camp shall be without sexism, dogs
and animal husbandry, or respectless behaviour. Everybody should be
aware and intervene if necessary.

*You want to help*?

If you want to join camp preparations and setup the place, we welcome
you to join the organization team in June. This may be attractive for
all that would like to support future oriented events or wish to
organize their own camps in the future. Following the tradition of the
youth action meeting ( )
the organization crew will transfer the camp-responsibilities to the
camp participants in July. We also are looking for support with the
awareness structure.


Traumschule Riebau
Riebauer Dorfstraße 78a
29410 Salzwedel OT Riebau

You reach us via train to the station Pretzier which is 3km south of
our place, please see

*The Train Station*

The beautiful historical train station building is still unused and
awaits an awakening by engaged and respectful people. Will it happen
this year? Who has ideas how to use it? See for some inspirations.

*The Project*

The Traumschule ("dream school") is owned by a foundation for open
action spaces, open for all ages and with a lot of possibilities:
permaculture garden, workshop halls, free area, repair cafe, tinkering,
handcrafts, bike repair cafe, a sewing room, a room full of games,
library, magazine archive and self organized projects of all kinds. The
project has no debt and offers a lot of space for more users, groups
and projects.

Currently we develop the infrastructure for the whole project with
regard to events, political actions and in order to make the place
usable during the whole year for alternative projects and workshops. We
also perform practical research in the fields of sustainable food,
energy, heating, and there is cooperation with local CSAs and
foodcoops. We do self-organized publishing and support for
environmental publications or (local) organisations (
and "clean environment and reneable energy in the Altmark"). Regional
networking is supported via a mailinglist and a printable event

A small group has the ambitious plan to equip the military building
with an ecological heating system to setup a model project: if we
manage to keep this building warm without fossils all year, it can be
done everywhere. Sustainability was no priority during the Cold War and
a 65kW oil heating was used to heat up the uninsulated concrete block
during the winter.

The Altmark is located between the highway A2 in the south and the
Wendland, in the north (known for numerous radioactive waste transports
and protests during the last decades). The surrounding area is a mostly
conventionelly used agraric area, formerly a swamp. However, in nearly
every village you find alternative projects with some kind of solidary
economy, with the will for food self-sufficiency, or living
communities. The Altmark area is well suited for bike tours, e.g.
around the green belt. In case you are able to get here earlier, the
"Landpartie" may be interesting for you:

The nearly unindustrial landscape offers a lot of green, but also
- the gas and oil company Engie drills for gas and produces a lot of
pollution with mercury and radioactive material, already some
herds died from it.
- the Bundeswehr and other military from the EU trains
for global endevours
- animal husbandry (especially cattle) pollutes the ground water
- the mostly conventional farming pollutes wild animals and humans
So there is a lot of potential for actions for environmental protection
from below!

For political networking we use the Altmark mailing list and with a
monthly newsletter we share regional event dates and important


Already proposed topics and practical workshops for the camp:


* civilisation criticism: Since its beginning it is about exploiting
nature and humans. Centralism, governance, wars are developments
of civilisation!
* Energy and climate: dangers for the environment by fossil energy like
Altmark gas. What do I use for heating? How can I reduce my
ecological footprint?
* post growth economy: How can an degrowth economy look like,
that serves all humans and leaves room for nature?
* Consumption and system change: How are our problems connected with
the global and my own lifestyle? What can I learn to produce myself?
* Fighting against oppression and for emancipation,
actions and antirepression
* Theory and practical applications for a free living
What do we need money for? Who needs education certificates?
What is wrong with parliaments?


* escaping the consumption trap: Upcycling and DIY
Create practical and beautiful things without money.
* digital self-defence: How to secure my computer?
How to publish without traces?
* experimental zero energy house: We continue the work at the Earthship,
* produce your own energy: Building off-grid PV systems with
used panels (who needs some? Contact us!), or development of a
wind turbine from used barrels (Savonius rotor)
* We combine alternative concepts for heating: solar thermal energy,
floor and wall heating, heat compost, mini biogas plant
* controlling and measurement with sensors for compost, earthship,
solar system, ... logging with a Raspberry Pi minicomputer
* optical Freifunk (10MBit up to one mile,
see )
* construction: What sustainable materials can I use?
How to finance without banks?
* Mobility: How to drive ecologically over longer distances?
We have a lot of bike parts and want to create public bikes for an
open source bike renting system.


* free learning: Live and learn based on skills and needs instead of
power and capital
* School, democracy, 'the people', nation - manipulations for oppression
* Community and decision making: Networking between Open Spaces
intensive course for practical critic on hierarchic systems and
building consensus from below

Health and good living for all

* Permaculture, food, gardening, crafts: Harvesting food from the
garden and collecting herbs from the wilderness instead of consuming
destructive farming and poisonous junk food from supermarkets
* Solidary farming and practical networking, infos about
regional farming collectives
* Health and therapy: Alternatives to a "health system" that serves
profit interests and makes us all ill


You want to add a topic or an event? Send an email to with desired date, topic and a short description
for our website. We will publish it on our blog.

Open Space is what you make of it. Already announced topics and events:

- Daily structure (proposed)

After a month of preparation in June, in July construction and
workshops will take place on a half-day basis, eg.:
* 10 a.m. learning by skillsharing & research
* 1 p.m. lunch
* 2 p.m. construction, tinkering on concrete projects
* 6 p.m. dinner
* 7 p.m. films and discussions

Anybody not interested in the division between theoretical skillsharing
and practical work is free to shift times and topics in coordination
with a group.

- Panels

can happen during the whole time:
* Permaculture, food, gardening, crafts: Setting up a water system
for the garden, construction of a green house, food from the own
garden and herb collection walks
* Earthship: continuing with the experimental zero energy house
( )
* Working in the farming collective 6km nearby
* Mobility: How to drive ecologically over longer distances?
We have a lot of bike parts and want to create public bikes for an
open source bike renting system.
* Train station: Construct windows and small roof repairs
* Digitize the library / sort the archive of magazines

Preparing the camp infrastructure

Week 22: Set up the garden kitchen

Week 23: Build compost toilets and a new solar shower

Week 24: 10 a.m. heat compost and biogas plant
2 p.m. Raspberry Pi workshop

Week 25: 10 a.m. garden watering system and green house construction
2 p.m. building an optical Freifunk data link
21.-25.6. MOVE UTOPIA Zusammen!Treffen!
21.-27.6. Climate camp near Most in the north Bohemia open pit
mine area
24.6. Blocking the port of Amsterdam as second biggest coal
25.6. Human chain against the nuclear power plants
Tihange & Doel

Week 26: 10 a.m. Construction: What sustainable materials can I use for
building? Where do I find what? Upcycling from waste.
How to finance my project without banks.
2 p.m. Continuing with the Earthship: Theoretical input,
practical clay work

Food & Permaculture, Climate & Energy

Week 27: 10 a.m. civilization criticism / energy and climate / degroth
2 p.m. low cost solar thermal energy
7.7. Climate action G20 in Hamburg
12.-18.7. "International week" in Büchel
17.-23.7. International anti-nuclear summercamp in Döbeln:

Week 28: 10 a.m. Organizing against governance
2 p.m. Floor heating for the lounge in the ground level for
workshops during the whole year and regional meetings

Week 29: 10 a.m. Consumption and system change
2 p.m. Photovoltaic off-grid systems and LED light system

Week 30: 10 a.m. School, democracy, 'the people', nation;
manipulations for oppression
2 p.m. Social organizing: non-violent communication /
Scott Peck / ...

Community, Upcycling, Health

Week 31: 10 a.m. Community and decision making: Networking between Open
Spaces intensive course for practical critic on
hierarchic systems and building consensus from below
2 p.m. Digital self-defence: How to secure my computer?
How to publish without traces? / set up a hackspace in
the celler with floow/wall heating
31.7-6.8. War starts here camp near the military training area
4.-15.8. Climate camp in Maury, France

Week 32: 10 a.m. Fighting for emancipation: Direct Action and
2 p.m. Building shelves for magazine archive

Week 33: 10 a.m.
- Consumerism and system change: How are our problems connected
with the global and my lifestyle? What can I learn to produce
myself. Bring your ideas!
- Escaping the consumption trap: Upcycling and DIY
Create practical and beautiful things without money.
- Theory and practical applications for a free living
What do we need money for?
- Who needs education certificates? What is wrong with
2 p.m. Renovate the sewing and tinkering rooms

Week 34: 10 a.m. Health and good living for all: Alternatives to a
"health system" that services profit interests and
makes us all ill
2 p.m. development of a wind turbine from used barrels
(Savonius rotor) to power pressure driving machines
and produce electricity.
7.-16.8. Internationalistic anti nuclear camp in Gedelitz
10.-15.8. Climate action camp in Hoge Rielen (Kasterlee, Belgium)
11.-13.8. Festival Les Burlesques in Bure (France)
18.-29.8. Climate camp in the rhineland area

Week 35: - Construction of a yurt
- VISIT at farming collectives in the region
- improve quality of regional networking

no date yet: hitch hiker meeting: Race towards the Traumschule

*long term*
* September: Conference for good living: Infos und dates,
calender, project map
* December: Planning and relaxed discussions in the last weeks of the
* February: Layout week for the green leaf magazine (

More events:

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