Vegan Strike Group activisten verstoren voor de 30ste keer stierengevecht!

Nieuws, gepost door: Internationale Vegan Strike Group op 13/08/2017 08:11:37

Waar: Stierenvechtarena , Dax, France
Wanneer: 12/08/2017 - 09:36

Voor de 30ste keer verstoren Franse en Nederlandse activisten van de internationale Vegan Strike Group een stierengevecht.
Zaterdag 12 augustus 2017, Dax zuid west Frankrijk
Zie de youtube link voor de actie video:

This Saturday, august 12, 2017, three activists jumped in the bullring of Dax in the south of France .

These three persons are members of Vegan Strike Group, a group of peaceful activists fighting against all forms of animal exploitation for entertainment purposes.

They jumped into the bullring to interrupt a bullfight just before the killing of the Bull to denounce the barbarity of bullfighting.
The above is however legally authorized since 1951 in some parts of the french territory on the ground that it is an « unbroken tradition ».

Shouting the following slogans : « Macron, is this here our tradition ? », « Macron, our traditions are not bloodthirsty », and « Let's not confuse barbarism with tradition », these militants want to appeal to the French president to speak up and call for abolition of bullfighting.

For the members of this group, whether or not bullfight has been once listed on the French intangible cultural heritage list until the Council of State annulled the decision taken, and is today authorized under the cloak of the pretext of « unbroken tradition », comes to the same thing : bullfight is protected by the law and persists, whether formerly for cultural reason or now for traditional reason.

This is all the more incomprehensible that tradition has a cultural content, and that culture embraces traditions.
By jumping into this bullring, these activistis wanted to convey a message, that of anti-specism, which claims that all human beings with a breath have the right to the same respect, be it a human or an animal. Their chests painted with slogans, they shared for a moment the fate of the Bull, which is that of having been brought to the world to entertain man in a bloody manner, ending up being killed slowly under the acclamation of a crowd.

This barbaric practice cannot be tolered any longger on Earth, how long will it take for the bullfight to be sanctioned, and finally called « murder » and no longer « tradition » ?

Isn't there already enough suffering on earth, that certain individuals continue to pay to witness humiliation and torture of a being by its executioners ? This is what Vegan Strike Group tries to denounce.
Vegan Strike Group activists, world citizens outraged by all forms of torture for profit.

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