For our friend Hêlîn Qereçox

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Yesterday we received the message that our internationalist friend and comrade Hêlîn Qaraçox (Anna Campbell) has been killed in an attack of the Turkish army in Afrin. This message hits us in the heart, as we knew Hevala Hêlîn as a friend and sister.

“La révolution sera la floraison de l’humanité comme l’amour est la floraison du coeur.”
Louise Michel

Hêlîn came to Rojava because she deeply believed in the struggle for a free, equal and ethical world, because she was dedicated with all her heart to the struggle for worldwide women liberation. Hêlîn was a very clear person in her heart and everybody who met her could feel this instantly. She was so clear in her convictions and attitude towards her surrounding, always caring about the people around her, always learning, always intervening when she was seeing injustice. She was struggling against hierarchies and domination for all the living beings. She struggled against all the prisons and borders that hold people kidnapped, and against the walls that are built in all of us by the capitalist, patriarchal and state mindset.

She always wanted to go to Afrin and when the attacks started, it was clear for her that she had to go and resist to the Turkish invasion next to her YPJ comrades. She was convinced that the defense of women and Rojava revolution is not limited to the fight against the Islamic State – that she had joined in Deir-Ezor before – but also and especially against the Turkish fascism in Afrin.

She lived the internationalist character of this revolution. She has been a revolutionary person in her home region and she has been struggling as a revolutionary person here. She called herself an anarchist on the path of Louise Michel and she had the will to fight for the liberation from all structures of power and oppression that hold people down. She always had a rebel spirit that let her stick to her convictions in the most difficult situations.

Her death makes us angry. Why do we lose such a beautiful and dedicated person? Somebody who was so much more consequent in the defense of ethical values than all the European States, that did not stop Turkey to launch the attacks. We consider as responsible for her death not only the Turkish state, but all the states that didn’t do anything to stop the invasion of Afrin. Even more selling weapons and joining Turkish propaganda, calling Hêlîn, her comrades and the people of Afrin terrorists. All of these states are accomplices of her murder.

To know Hêlîn gives us strenght. She is inspiring us and her struggle and commitment will live in us. We might be bombed and killed, but nobody can destroy our hope and will. To put the internationalist struggle and the internationalist solidarity to another level is the only answer we can give to the death of Hevala Hêlîn and all the friends and comrades that fell in this resistance. We will take revenge by building and defending a free life on the path of Hêlîn. With all our will, love, dedication and feminist power.

“If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution !”
Emma Goldman

Şehîd Namirin !
Jin, jiyan, azadî !
Vive la commune !
¡No pasaran!

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Tribute to British female fighter martyred in Afrin

Friends, family and colleagues have paid tribute to British woman fighter Anna Campbell who was martyred in Afrin while fighting against Turkish invasion.

ANF NEWS DESK Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018, 00:25
Friends, family and colleagues have paid tribute to British woman fighter Anna Campbell who was martyred in Afrin while fighting against Turkish invasion.

Campbell was a member of YPJ, all-woman military organization fighting against ISIS and Turkish invaders.
Bristol Post published tributes for Campbell, who lived in Bristol for three years before travelling to Northern Syria.

Isaac Kneebone, a colleague of Campbell, said that she was involved with environmental campaigns and hunt sabbing.

Kneebone also told about a story when Campbell set off fireworks outside Horfield Prison on bonfire night so the prisoners could see them.

Our British comrade Hêlîn Qereçox (Anna Campbell) has become the symbol of all women after resising against fascism in #Afrin to create a free world. We promise to fulfill Şehîd Hêlîn’s struggle and honour her memory in our fight for freedom.

— YPJ ROJAVA (@DefenseUnitsYPJ) March 19, 2018

Speaking to Bristol Post, Anna’s sister Sophie Campbel said, “She was a very passionate and heartfelt person. She was so determined. She had a deep empathy for people who were in need”.

Industrial Workers of the World union (IWW) spokesperson said: “Anna was known to members for her activism around the student occupation movement, ecological and community outreach projects in Bristol and Sheffield”.

Humphrey Drummond, a friend of Anna’s family, has set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for people who have suffered as a result of the Turkish incursion into northern Syria.

Link to the campaign:


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Song for the YPJ. In memory of Anna Campbell and all martyrs in the Kurdish struggle:

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