Extinction Rebellion: Not the Struggle we Need, Pt. 1

Opinie, gepost door: nn op 21/07/2019 07:04:17

Across this three part critique we aim to show that the tactics, organisational form and strategies utilized by Extinction Rebellion (XR) are not just unnecessary, but are deeply damaging. They endanger those participating, other groups using direct action to struggle for political change (both now and in the future), and frame ecological crisis in ways that leave the door open for dystopian 'solutions'.

We make these critiques not to denigrate those who have taken part in their activism: we admire the commitment and bravery frequently evident, and we stand in solidarity with those who face state repression as a result.1 So severe are these concerns that we discourage participation in XR actions.

We are not alone in criticizing XR. While we feel the criticisms outlined here are distinct, we acknowledge the work of others who we build upon, and who we hope to be read in dialogue with.

Our concerns about XR’s praxis operate across three fundamental levels: their tactics (how they carry out their actions), their organisation (how they are structured), and their strategy (their longer-term plan for action):

Continues at https://libcom.org/blog/extinction-rebellion-not-struggle-we-need-pt-1-1...

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