Brutal attack by French police repressive forces on homeless immigrants

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It is our class duty to occupy and live in the property of the rich

Brutal attack by French police repressive forces on homeless immigrants

Hundreds of migrants stranded following the evacuation of the large informal St. Denis camp last week and setted up a new camp in the center of Paris were severely beaten by French police on Monday evening, November 23.
The closest terrorists to you are the police forces stationed in your neighborhoods and cities. The French terrorist police organization, as the arm defending the bourgeoisie and the authoritarians, has once again proved that the only function of this terrorist organization is to suppress the oppressed. Hundreds of vacant homes belonging to the rich in Paris have been left unused for years, but immigrants and many other poor people are forced to live on the streets. In fact, this class distance reflects the systematic violence of the capitalist system against the lower of social classes.
In the last few weeks, following several Islamist terrorist attacks in France, the French oligarchic regime, which had lost its legitimacy, has used these attacks to victimise itself in order to increase the number of police forces in the cover of social protection. The lower classes, who had suffered the most from the crises created by the capitalist regime, including the Corona virus, were protesting against this situation in France, and asking themselves whether the existence of the police forces are really for social protection? or it is only for oppressing the poor in defense of the bourgeoisie? In fact, the terrorist attacks of the Islamists in France had a great propaganda benefit for the French regime to try again to instill in the lower social classes that without the police force, the society would be insecure. As a person who came from the Middle East and spent most of his life studying religions, I must say that there is no doubt about the existence of terrorism in Islam. The religious bigotry of Islamists has become a means for the murderers neo liberal in France to portray himself as a good character and do more social control as social protection against Islamic terrorism. The existence of Islamist terrorists is the wish of the French oligarchic regime because it is a perfect excuse to advance its repressive goals against strugglers who do not want to be checked and under social control by police forces. The racist ideology of the French regime in the cover of activities against extremist Islam, in fact, is happening against all immigrants, as exemplified by the French police terrorist attack on homeless immigrants.
On the other hand, I have to say that there is no such thing as extremist Islam or non-extremist Islam, these are the attributes created by neoliberalism.
Islam is a political religion that specifically orders the killing of non-Muslims and the establishment of an Islamic government to enforce Islamic law, including:
Quran, Surah At-Tawbah (9) verse 123
Quran, Sura Muhammad (47) verse 4
Quran, Sura Al-Anfal (8) verse 39
Quran, Surah Al-Ahzab (33) verse 61
Quran, Sura Al-Ma'ida (5) verse 33
Quran, Surah At-Tawbah (9) verse 29
The number of these orders, which are based on political assassination, is tens of times greater than what I have mentioned here in the Qur'an, so let us first consider the Qur'an's place as being a terrorist book and at the same time consider the Islamists who have became a tool by the French regime to for repressive goals against immigrants and the masses of social poverty.

Most of the homeless immigrants who were violently attacked by the French police are looking to travel to Britain, many of whom were killed on their way to France and then on their way to Britain. In fact, these immigrants are the ones who managed to survive. Regardless of the different immigrants' goals for reaching Britain and France, the states are directly responsible for the current situation of immigrants in France and the killed of thousands of immigrants in the way, because it is states who have created racist borders.
In the past few months, a few self-organized squats inhabited by immigrants have been evacuated by French police terrorist forces; In fact, another reason for the presence of homeless immigrants on the streets of Paris is the repression of the French oligarchic regime against places of struggle and self-organization. We poor have the right to return violence to the state in order to self-defense, it is our class duty to occupy and live in the property of the rich. A place to live is one of the most basic human needs, we should not allow any force to deprive us of such a thing.

Abtin Parsa

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