Report Back about the demonstration in solidarity with immigrants( in AZC echt).

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Report Back about the demonstration in solidarity with immigrants( in AZC echt).

On Saturday, February 27, 2021, a demonstration in solidarity with the immigrants was organized in front of the Echt refugee camp(AZC echt) by the anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat. The demonstration coincided with the suicide of a transgender refugee(Marlen) who ended her life on February 26, 2021 in the village of echt. For this reason, in addition to the demonstrations in front of the AZC echt, we held a march to her suicide scene, which was the train station of the village of echt. In addition to comrades, a number of immigrants from the AZC echt took part in the march, which resembled a political funeral for Marlen.
Of course, this issue needs to be clarified, just as we differentiate between political prisoners and other prisoners, there is a difference between political immigrants and other immigrants. This does not mean that we have an unequal view of immigrants, but it should be made clear that Marlene was a political immigrant, and that is why we held a political funeral for her.

About 15 comrades took part in the demonstration in front of the AZC echt, and about 30 to 40 immigrants were near us at other side of the fences of camp. Based on what the immigrants told us: "We would like to join protest, but the COA and the camp security guards have threatened us that we should not join the protest." Also on the morning of February 27, 2021, one of COA members went at the room's door of a comrade who was part the organising of demonstration in AZC echt to threaten him that "the demonstration should not take place". "We did not send you an invitation to come here, this is the situation and you have to endure like everyone else," the COA member said in racist terms. Our comrade answered : If the Netherlands and other NATO members stop the imperialist wars and your regimes stop colonizing our people, we do not need to come here as refugees.

The Dutch state terrorism, with its repressive mechanisms, is directly responsible for the deaths of immigrants. Dutch state terrorism as part of NATO's terrorist organisation is murdering people in their home and those who have survived and reached Europe, are getting killed here by the state repressive mechanism against immigrants. As a reality, most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands, with their reformist and pacifist activities, have left the regime completely free to take any action against immigrants, without receiving a social response. Clearly, the lack of solidarity of most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands with immigrants means that their hands are also stained with immigrants' blood. Lack of proper understanding of class struggles, individualism, reformism, pacifism and the pursuit of easy struggles are only a part of problems that exist in most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands. Perhaps the root of these problems lies in the neoliberal and bourgeois culture in which they grew up, a culture that today has manipulated everything in the Netherlands, including anarchism and leftism.
(It should be clear that we do not mean all anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, although there is no such thing as a real movement, but there are comrades who these problems do not exist inside them.)

Solidarity is our weapon.

The only terrorist are state and capitalism.

The anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat
29 February 2021

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