The Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Proletariat: RESPOND TO THE ENEMY'S PROPAGANDA

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We do not attach much importance to bij1, bij1 is just a materialist example of a space in which most of the anarchists and the leftists layed themselves behind the most despicable kind of activity, which is social democracy. We have no problem with publicly and clearly announcing the attack against bij1, because the history of struggle showed us that all reformist are the enemy of proletariat, although many of them come friendly but in the end, they do the same thing as the system do.

Of course, it must be made clear that attacking bij1 is not a priority for us to struggle, but what motivate us in taking a clear stand against bij1, is that bij1 is using of the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist struggles organized by the movement for its own party propaganda to get elected in the bourgeoisie parliament; For us, the presence of bij1 in the Dutch bourgeois parliament does not matter, basically this party does not matter to us, the only thing that matters to us is the use of the movement space by bij1 for the election campaign. For this reason, we have stated that bij1 (and any political parties that are part of the system or seeks to join the system) is not allowed to participate in the activities organized by the anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat; This is at least our political and historical duty as revolutionaries and social strugglers. Although the bourgeois, liberal, and reformist positions of most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands are clear to us, but it was our political and historical duty to suggest that others take such a position as a minimum.

The argument of some anarchists and leftists that "we are against the state and we also do not agree with the policies of bij1, but the presence of bij1 in parliament will give less seats to the fascists and it will improve the working class condition" is a completely wrong argument, In our view, the reason of such a argument is the lack of proper understanding of class struggles. This argument is exactly the same as saying, "We are against the police, and we do not agree with LGBT cops, but the presence of the LGBT cops means that sexism in the police will be reduced and the situation of LGBT people will be improved." Although many anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands do not consider themselves reformist and liberal, the truth is that they are more liberal and reformist than John Locke. This is not an academic argument, but a materialist truth that most anarchists and leftists in the Netherlands made it clear about themselves by their political stance and activities. What happened in those few days was a struggle between the revolutionary minority and the reformist-liberal majority. A minority that believes in social revolution and real class struggle, and a majority that still hopes for authoritarians. We do not intend to call it the confrontation between Eastern anarchism and Western anarchism, but perhaps that is also part of the truth.

There were also a few threats from the enemy against us, let's be clear that we do not take seriously these threats that the fruits are made. We are from middle East, where we wake up and sleep with the voice of guns next to us. Well, the rich and privilege kids are the fruits for us to be eaten, so we do not take it seriously; But the patience of children of poverty have a limit, so do not try to know how the children of poverty respond to the attack.

We have never threatened our comrades, but our threat is against the enemy. We have no comrades who support the bourgeois elections of the state or any parties that seeks to enter the bourgeois parliament, so attack and threat is against the enemy, no matter that the enemy has been hidden itself behind of what kind of political identities.

This is the wonder of the Netherlands, when the minority immigrant anarchists who are without privilege have a radical stand against the bourgeois state elections, but the Dutch majority anarchists who have privilege see the regime elections as a means to make a better life for immigrants. Instead of laughing at this ridiculous situation, let us think in class anger that the lack of social equality among the anarchists in Netherlands has led the oppressed to struggle for a social revolution but the these who have privileges seek to support a so-called a vanguard party.

For a social revolution.


The anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat

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