The Dutch migration service. Crime activities!

Nieuws, gepost door: Kanatbek op 27/04/2021 04:02:12

Wanneer: 27/04/2021 - 13:37

This is how the team of employees of the Dutch Immigration service (IND) work on political asylum cases to give undue advantages to criminals from other countries! Zero transparency and no respect for human rights and laws!

Link to youtube:

Transcription of the video:
With this video message, I am addressing journalists, international and European anti-organized crime and anti-corruption institutions, the governments of European Union, the European Commission, Parliament, and all governments of the world to humbly ask you for help and in the name of justice to respond to the crime obviously occurring against me in the Netherlands, the country which is considered as a state of law.

My name is Kanatbek Abdurasulov. I am from Kyrgyzstan. After the bloody inter-ethnic conflict between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan, I became a political victim. I was tortured, received death threats and persecuted with false charges brought by the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) due to my help to the Uzbeks. In defense of my rights from torture and foundless prosecution, the lawyers of the public foundation against Torture have repeatedly asked the Kyrgyz government to guarantee the protection for me from officials who are using the State as a means for their purpose. But the Kyrgyz government, instead of taking me under protection, has classified the complaint materials as top SECRET and even accused me of illegal stay abroad.

By reason of all these, I had to apply for political asylum in the Netherlands presenting irrefutable evidence such as investigation files of INTERPOL, accompaining letters of the nongovermental organisation against Torture and the verdicts of tribunal courts and prosecutors offices, which contain the establishment of false charges and false reports spread on me by false name and through corruption.
Despite these, the responsible team of the Dutch Immigration service (IND), who took my application at consideration, are intentionally mistranslating and distorting the meaning of the base evidence, have concealed all these proofs lying on the table, saying, these never happened.
In connection with it, a judge of the first instance in the Netherlands has not guaranteed me an open and fair court hearing. He has not allowed me to tape on video or record on audio my expression and obviously denied me to apply my conventional right to verify the completeness and correctness of my given statements before the court. Thereby, I was even not allowed to sign the minutes of the court at the end of the process so that I could not prevent him from changing my given statements. Consequently, my given statements were written down incompletely and composed at their discretion, with the aim to dissemble all uncovered crimes and corruption of the immigration service. By doing so, the responsible team of the Immigration service (IND), now using their corrupt ties, are considering me as a mentally disturbed person without any medical examination of my health, stating that he is mentally ill and does not know what he speaks about, easily giving their lie to a truth and putting the blame on me from all positions.
The lawyer who defends my rights in the Netherlands even complained about these unlawful acts, but as far as the local authority is obviously trying to hide all these wrongdoings of the Immigration service (IND) from all, I have no choice but to turn to you through this video to humbly ask you for help and protection from the ongoing crime I am facing anew in the Netherlands.

I hope my video is available to everyone before the criminal group of the Dutch Immigration service and their patrons can remove it, whose crime activities I just made known to the world to save my life and prevent further victimization


Thank you for sharing your story here. If you are in need of concrete assistance, please contact groups individually or be very soecific about what you want people to do for you. An informative post on indymedia does not itself lead to anything, although it can be an important part of an action or an action campaign.

Good luck!

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