Open questions for Vrije Bond

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Regarding recent fundraisers and surrounding activity

Given the following:

1) Several groups, individuals, and organizations, among which Vrije Bond, have organized or promoted fundraisers starting in March this year to provide weapons to violent ultranationalists and neo-nazis.[1]

2) Unlike the other groups involved, who seem to be have been as unaware as the public about the details of these transactions, Vrije Bond, or at least some of its member groups, has knowingly and deliberately misled the public about the politics and activities of the benificiaries of these fundraisers and actively suppressed evidence about it during fundraising drives.[2]

The following questions exist for Vrije Bond:

Q1) Will there be political accountability for the use of these funds you have helped raise?

Q2) Will you reimburse people you have misled, who might not have donated if they had fully known what their money would likely be used for?

Q3) Why have you deliberately misled the public and tried to suppress evidence regarding these things during your fundraising drives? One can only hope this was just some rogue member group of yours?


1. See for the example the runes on the rifle of a representative of one the main beneficiary groups ( or the open admission of donating weapons and ammunition to Right Sector's medical unit "Hospitallers" (

2. It's difficult to publish the evidence here without putting out personal information, but should Vrije Bond decide to deny these facts then we'll figure something out.

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