First Stands Announced!

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First stands at the book fair are announced

First stands announced:
Het Fort van Sjakoo
Black Trowel Collective
Sugarbombing World
Fairtrade Palestine


Bookstore het Fort van Sjakoo has been nested in the center of Amsterdam sinds 1977. Originally as a work- and housing squat on the route of a planned highway through the Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood, legalized sinds 1988 and later bought and brought into self-management. Currently the Fort is being held down by an enthusiastic crew of fifteen or so volunteers. We’re here to provide information: From the latest news to quality background information and history. The store is full of a broad scope of leftist and socially critical subjects with extra attention paid to foreign works, music and magazines in various languages. Stop by some time! If we don’t have something, we can always order it for you.


The Black Trowel Collective (BTC) is an international collective of anarchist archaeologists that do both research on anarchism in and activism within archaeology. The BTC is also committed to the active support of archaeology students from working-class and historically looted communities who are both regularly excluded by traditional scholarship and academic programs through the Black Trowel Collective Microgrants mutual aid initiative.


Sugarbombing World is a anarchist artist that subverts the pop icons of our childhood and transforms them into militant figures that invite to action and solidarity and carry the principles of anarchism, like mutual aid and direct action, exploring contemporary topics like the housing crisis, migration, economic collapse, climate change, reproductive rights and gender deconstruction. The main purpose of this project is to spread anarchist propaganda that appeals to everyone.
She has self published a book called Subversive Pop and produces posters, apparel and pins in her small studio in Brooklyn, NY


malobeo is an open meeting place and space for political experimentation based in Dresden, Germany. Far from the social logic of exploitation, a place where we can live together in solidarity. We are organized as a collective and invite anyone who share our consensus to join malobeo.
Malobeo is a café, an anarchist library and a meeting point. We're distributing several zines, which you can find at our stand.


Fairtrade Palestine was founded in 2022 to support Palestinian farmers and small businesses with the sale of their products in the Netherlands. We work together with local partners in Palestine. Palistinians who try to earn a living under difficult circumstances can increase their income and also maintain Palestinian traditions. We also want to contribute to solidarity between the many people who live in freedom but who feel strongly connected to the Palestinian population living under Israeli occupation and to their struggle for justice.

The Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam is back for the 7th year in a row! The ABFA will take place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2023 at the Dokhuis. There will be stands, workshops and talks during two full days of anarchist fun!
About ABFA

The ABFA is an event to learn and to work together towards a world without states, borders, ecocide, capitalism and any other forms of oppression. Are you looking for community, in-depth conversation and like-minded individuals or collectives? Are you looking for anarchist books and zines? We’ll have all that and more!

Want to help out?
We’re looking for people who want to help volunteer during the event. We are also looking for people or groups that want to run a stand and/or with cool workshop ideas.
contact us at

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