Differences Between Maoism & Marxism-Leninism

Ruis, gepost door: ML op 01/01/2013 01:04:16 - 0 aanvullingen

Cultural Revolution: Mao proclaimed that capitalist ideology, liberalism, and other bourgeois cultures are not fully removed from society through socialist revolution and that class struggle against these detrimental features of capitalism are continued in one form or another throughout the socialist stage of development. Maoism states the method for dealing with bourgeois culture is through “cultural revolution,” in which, according to their theory, the masses are mobilized to spread communist ideology in order to reduce capitalistic or feudalistic culture. Lees meer...

Communique of the 4th Congress of the Movement for National Democracy - Philippines

Aankondiging, gepost door: Kilusan (KPD) op 16/12/2012 12:02:34 - 0 aanvullingen

Wanneer: 16/12/2012 - 02:22

The Kilusan sa Pambansang Demokrasya (Movement for National Democracy) successfully held its Fourth National Congress in the City of Baguio on November 28-30, 2012 with the theme: Assiduously conduct political and organizational consolidation! Expose and Oppose Imperialism and Neocolonialism! Persevere in the Fight for National Democracy. Lees meer...

Philippines - Ranking Red exec named party-list third nominee

Ruis, gepost door: Joyce Pangco Panares op 02/11/2012 11:05:49 - 1 aanvulling

Wanneer: 02/11/2012 - 04:57

The Anakpawis party-list announced on Monday that it was adding the name of Randall Echanis, a political consultant of the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front (CPP-NDF), as its third nominee, a move which observers say could hasten the integration of the extreme left into the political mainstream. Lees meer...

PHILIPPINES: The ghosts of martial law

Ruis, gepost door: Nathan Gilbert Quimpo op 27/09/2012 09:03:27 - 0 aanvullingen

On September 21, forty years ago, President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law. For almost 13-and-a-half years afterwards, the country suffered terribly from a brutal and corrupt dictatorship. Among the victims of the grave violations of human rights under martial law were the following: 3,257 “salvaged” (summarily executed), 35,000 tortured, and 70,000 incarcerated, as documented by historian Alfred McCoy. Lees meer...

Qaddafi lies live on after him

Opinie, gepost door: Clay Claiborne op 02/09/2012 09:04:07

While no one deserves to die in a war, of the estimated 30,000 Libyans to die in the struggle to overthrow Mummar Qaddafi, no one else can be said to have had it coming more than Mummar Qaddafi. Not only did he rule for more than 40 years by using terror, he had tens of thousands murdered, he conducted his 10 month campaign to stay in power with the utmost brutality. Lees meer of Discussieer (3 reacties)...

Jose Maria Sison - jingoist, pseudo-democrat, pseudo-feminist, Stalinist demagogue

Opinie, gepost door: Roxana Malaya op 07/08/2012 08:12:23

Like Stalin, Sison's understanding of Marxism is pseudo-scientific and quasi-religious Lees meer of Discussieer (2 reacties)...

Libya and Syria: When Anti-Imperialism Goes Wrong

Opinie, gepost door: Pham Binh op 03/08/2012 08:12:58

Reflexive opposition to Uncle Sam’s machinations abroad is generally a good thing. It is a progressive instinct that progressively declined in the 1990s, as presidents Bush Sr. and Clinton deftly deployed the U.S. military to execute “humanitarian” missions in Somalia, Haiti, and the Balkans and progressively increased in the 2000s, as Bush Jr. lurched from quagmire to disaster in transparent empire-building exercises in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lees meer of Begin discussie...

PHILIPPINES: Much has been won; much still to be fought for

Ruis, gepost door: AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) op 24/07/2012 07:02:21 - 1 aanvulling

Wanneer: 24/07/2012 - 13:29

Akbayan on President Aquino’s 3rd State of the Nation Address Lees meer...

Philippines: Promotion of Morong 43 jailer enrages victims, rights groups

Nieuws, gepost door: RONALYN V. OLEA op 21/04/2012 04:02:36 - 0 aanvullingen

Wanneer: 21/04/2012 - 01:47

MANILA – The recent promotion of Major General Jorge Segovia, former commander of the 2nd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army that carried out the illegal arrest of 43 health workers in February 2010, has outraged human rights groups. Lees meer...

On Global Democracy and World Parliament

Opinie, gepost door: Bob Brown op 03/04/2012 04:06:33

Bob Brown delivers the 3rd annual Green Oration Lees meer of Begin discussie...

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