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>here are the counterstatements from Andi O. the first he wrote as reaction on the article "the sad truth about ac den ezelhoek"
The second as reaction on "reaction and demands...."<

When I got to know Christina K. her ’fight’ was against the singer of this band I who had taken advantage of her...and, as far as she was concerned the rest of the band wasn’t much better, telling sexist jokes ; cheating on their wife while being on tour etc etc. And yes, I, and others with me have also believed those words. Back then it was that band who didn’t live up to the values they were singing about etc etc...something C. felt obliged to tell the world about.

So. For weeks I have seen this article popping up everywhere without having felt the need or desire to react to it, because I, and the people around me, the people that used to live in this house etc. knew where this was coming from and well, we just did not even find it worthy to react to what is obviousely another desperate cry for attention.

That is, untill Christina found it to be necessary to attack a bunch of people who have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this at all. This ’article’ is about two people in general. The band that was targeted this week, the band that was warned about has exactly ONE person as a member. Myself I have nothing more to do with that band except thay they are my friends.

Now, what I see in this is indeed nothing but a cry for attention. I, nor the guys of the band she spread rumors about before are responsible for the pain and anger felt by this author of this article long before we ever met her.

So. Are these women rights then ? The right to break down every guy (and along with him all of his friends) because they could not live up to expectations that were created by the girl involved for herself ?

This is NOT a defence. This is hate propaganda which does nothing else but false accuse a whole group of people. Like I said, I’ve seen her do the same thing with the guys of that band in 2011 and sadly enough, I believed those words then. For too long I did not doubt her words, untill, I finally got to talk with the people of that band again, which gave me the proverbial other side of the coin.

And, when it comes to what is being writting in this article : well, there are many other sides to each point made in it which are not being mentioned at all.

Let me put it this way : this article was posted under the name ’cassiopeia’. To me, that says more than enough.

You know : these kind of issues is what you get when idealism is being used the wrong way ; when the balance is lost again. I find it a real shame that this is being regarded as another case of the women being mistreated. And, where the woman is believed instantely without having heard the other side of the story. You know, even the riot grrls who started the whole riot grrl movement have since then become a lot less radical because many have seen and realized the world isn’t as black and white as they used to think.

I’m very sorry, but this is not the way to find concilation and i’m afraid that Radhanath is right even though it may not be realized : anger is indeed a pollution for the mind and soul.

And in the end I also feel sorry for the woman who wrote this. I don’t hate her, I’m not angry...I really just feel sorry, because I know all too well that after this, there’ll just be another guilty party to point fingers at. This anger is coming from inside of her and it was there long before I or the singer or the band got into her life, and, dealing with that anger in this kind of way can unfortunately not bring any peace of mind at all. I will end this by quoting another very wise man : ’an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind’.

Ohkay...Christina wants a reaction from me...then, here it is :

Let me start off by saying that i would think this is not PRO-FEMINIST at all...this clearly smells like feminazism. Oh right, the very same reason why Curd Cobain did not wanna have anything to do anymore with the riot grrl scene.
Eye think that Christina that rides the chariot forget that I have spent six months with her. Six months that made it very clear that she does not even know the first thing about feminism or riot grrls.
Next..she will have scars for the rest of her life ? Ofcourse !!! When someone compulsivly cuts deep wounds into her arms and legs, it will most probably result in scars that will remain there a lifetime. But, to speak about scars. What about mine. Having been lied to for about eleven months also leaves scars. Is that something she choses to ignore ??
Ohkay. Proof ? To demand proof is absurd ? Ohkay. Then eye will publish proof myself if this keeps going on : proof in the form of Christina saying the same things about the guys in that band. Proof in the form of endless talks we had for months in a row where she claims to be so in love with the singer of the band, despite the fact that she had been abused by him.
Another thing i do not see mentioned anywhere is my stuff that i never got back despite the many promised that she would never do such a thing as keeping my stuff ; not to mention the money that doesn’t get mentioned anywhere. Christina did not have to pay for just about anything during our six months together. Shopping everyday while I was living in Germany, the months of traveling...8000euro !!!!!...of which she claimed she would give half back. A half that i still have not received so far. And...then there’s the rest of my stuff she was gonna send back...

*a guitar
*a brand new skateboard
*a complete skate with wheels and trucks
*my RARE cd’s of the band of which she claimed the members were sexist jerks.
shoes, sweaters, a RARE dvd etc etc...all stuff I never saw again.

So if Christina wants to discuss this face to face she is more than welcome to come to Belgium as she can bring all those things then OR eye am very willing to come to Germany myself. i can taker time off from November on and I don’t mind coming to Erlangen to get back what was mine.
Seriousely. i am starting to be a little fed up with this bullshit. This is the side of one person, and as far as eye am concerned, that persons is dealing with some serious psychological problems. So dear activists from Celle : you can tell Christina that rides the chariot that i, and with me a bunch of other people, are getting really fed up with this. You Profeminists may not fully realize this, but what Momo is, and has been doing, is pretty darn sexist as well if you’d ask me.
And as far as being an anarchist oh man oh man. i have to hear this crap from someone who has never invested one minute in STUDYING anarchist writings...?!
But, i will admit : i am not an anarchist. i am not a christian. i am not a jesus freak. i do not need those labels to define myself, and i certainly do not feel the need to put everyone that i see in some stereotype box. and, i will never ever put fake dreads in my hair just to feel better about myself.
and this is the very last time i will react to this shit. i still do not have a clue as to what christina is hoping to get by all this but i am pretty sure that it will again be bitter dissapointment. i have to say...i had hoped that she had used the past year to find some balance in herself, but as i can now see, this has not been the case...and that is something that i consider to be sad.



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