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this response of mine is imperfect, i know, but im trying

Thanks to the person who is trying to do an intervention here!
Not everybody considers you an [elitist leftist] for the comments you made, at least i for sure do not.

Realizing that the safety, the lives, the existence of nonmale people and the existence of people with a jewish background ARE NOT A DETAIL, has absolutely nothing to do with elitism. (Do jewish people and nonmale people somehow only exist in upper class society (?). No, i don't think so.)

Besides, what happened to "WE WILL NEVER MARCH WITH FASCISTS?"

It must be obvious that we hate the police anyway. It doesn't mean we must stand with fascists all of a sudden. It just means that the police is fucked up as always. And of course, these reactionary movements are glad to tokenize vulnerable rotterdam youth as well as set them up. That doesn't mean we should. If there are people cheering the police violence, they should be called out of course. And that's not leftist at all, of course it isn't. It's creepy and heartless to cheer the police when they start shooting at rioters. And of course, if you are rioting, you have a reason - and the media tends to polarize in order to create distraction from the actual lived experiences, silencing the voices of local youth, silencing the voices of people with a migration background who participate. And it is good to make sure, the leftist movement should never play into that. So i do appreciate the effort in which this text was intended.
But that doesn't mean this report doesn't downplay certain things - things which are too relevant to leave out.

All i know is, this riot was a political act.
A political act in which multiple vulnerable groups cannot participate. Because they wouldn't be safe in this crowd.
A political act following the callout of a fascist movement. If protesters who ended up participating aren't fascist, then at least they are opportunist. We shouldn't condamn it or judge it, because of course local youth have the right to express themselves. And yes, maybe we should break up with the idea that they were connected to the fascist callout. But connecting this riot to our movement now without any material connection such as, this sets a precedent for egoism and opportunism, not for solidarity. The SOCIAL revolution is a revolution fór society, fór equality (not against it). So no, this riot had little to do with social revolution. Also because "social revolution" means your struggle is connected to the rest of society (rather then scaring off other vulnerable groups).
Nominating anger about a fire works ban to be the incentive for a supposed "social revolution" seems highly tonedeaf given (* name anything* ) border violence, exclusion of undocumented people from society, agricultural workers dying from sunburns in sicily, feminists who are being murdered in afghanistan, so many homeless people on the street in the wintertime, climate change, violent raid of wet'suwet'en territority, constructions in lutkemeerpolder, you name it really. Besides, "not minding" a certain ban does not equal supporting the institution that issued the ban. Example: We all know facebook is fucked up. Does that mean you should MIND the fact that they finally banned blackface on facebook 1 year ago? NO. Ergo, do you hear yourself? This is not just rightwing bullshit. The problem is, this movement has a tendency to forget its very essence. The essence of the fact that, oppression and discrimination is not a DETAIL. It's the very thing we are fighting against.


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