How to kick the police away - a lesson in unity from Bologna

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Students of the Collettivo Universitario Autonomo in Bologna try to have a student assembly. The police tries to prevent it. Look at their succesful reply to the cops here:

They literally kick the police out of Piazza Verdi (in the heart of the university area) after the cops tried to break up their student assembly. Look at how the students lock arms and send the cops running! Bravissimi!

Besides the different circumstances vis-a-vis the police in countries like Italy and Greece, I wonder why we never lock in arms here in similar situations. The collective feeling seems to be much stronger in the south - and they generally have much more experience in challenging the police.




nice video, though i would like to comment on using locking arms as a tactic. personally i find it very dangerous. as you see the police is hitting the first two rows and most of them have no arms to protect the most vulnerable part of their bodies, the head.

As you can see in the video the police use a different tactic to keep the lines closed. behind the second row they have pigs spreading their arms and pushing the front cops back. This enables them to keep holding their weapons and attacking, whilst not having their lines broken.

only when some of the cops panic and turn around to run away, the lines are broken. therefore the second tip. never turn your back to a cop. always slowly walk backward and keep an eye out for each other.

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