Redmond Summer Event: RADICAL BODY LOVE

Hier kun je discussieren over Redmond Summer Event: RADICAL BODY LOVE.
All bodies are inherently valid. All choices concerning our bodies are valid. On the 30th of August, we seek to pull apart the webs of privilege and normativity-IBNLT racism, (cis)sexism, heteronormativity, ableism and fatphobia--that interfere in the relationships we hold to our bodies and rewrite our own body narratives. All bodies are welcome !


*We Define Us - Poetically (Re)claiming Our Narratives

*Intersectional Fatpositivity 101

*Ableism & Gender

*Deconstructing Media: Body Image & Systems of

*Space is the Phrase: Political Sci-Fi Writing Class

19:30 SERIES OF TALKS examining topics in the body politics of race, gender, sexuality, health & ability

Queer cinema
Dj Ana F


This is a bilingual event (EN/NL).
There will be creative activities for kids in the theater throughout the day.

De Binnenpret is a legalized squat and social and cultural center in the south of Amsterdam and includes a vegan community kitchen, an anarchist library, a theater and ateliers, among other things. RSE 2014 will take place in the large garden and various other spaces of the Binnenpret. For more info and location, check out

Redmond is a non-profit Amsterdam-based collective of intersectional feminists that wants to challenge, discuss and decolonize dominant -ist ideas and stereotypes in pop culture and politics through radio, blogging, events and workshops. Find us @ 107.9 FM or TuneInRadio app: Caribbean FM

Hoe durft de Binnenpret nog

Hoe durft de Binnenpret nog maar iets te organiseren over feminisme? Zodra het mis gaat, zoals op Appelscha 2013 hoor je ze niet.

Voordeel is wel dat er geen

Voordeel is wel dat er geen tochtige donkere caravan aanwezig is om een verhoor af te dwingen.


heteronormativity wat nou! Hetero s moeten altijd voor sex betalen dus niet zo klagen he!

Een dagje gender shoppen. Na

Een dagje gender shoppen. Na een moeilijke studiekeuze, een genderkeuze!

Cis Female
Cis Male
Cis Man
Cis Woman
Cisgender Female
Cisgender Male
Cisgender Man
Cisgender Woman
Female to Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Nonconforming
Gender Questioning
Gender Variant
Male to Female
Trans Female
Trans* Female
Trans Male
Trans* Male
Trans Man
Trans* Man
Trans Person
Trans* Person
Trans Woman
Trans* Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Man
Transgender Person
Transgender Woman
Transsexual Female
Transsexual Male
Transsexual Man
Transsexual Person
Transsexual Woman

Dan doe je toch iets fout.

Denk ik!

A documentary denouncing the injustices of the legal system perpetrated against fathers is currently being the object of censorship by feminists in Argentina.

Official Site (in spanish):

Article about the censorship and the reality of gender bias against fathers:

The Spanish government observatory of Gender Violence shows in their report that there have been 142.125 accusations against men only in the year 2008, - and 12,7% of the accusations ended up with a conviction.
The Judge, Francisco Serrano, from the Family Court in Seville, declares that only 9,7% ended up with a conviction.

Out of 142.125 accusations - approximately 126.491 men were NOT guilty.

The 34-minutes video presents some of those persons who lately have ended up in a chaotic situation in the Spanish court system. It is based on talks maintained with these victims and linked with a summary of the statistics available and a written histology.

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