Support Jus, Hambach Forest Defender on Hunger Strike in Jail

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One person remains in custody after our last remaining living tower barricade, an essential tool for peaceful resistance against deforestation and climate collapse, was evicted.

Our living tower barricade, which was situated at the entrance to the Hambach Forest, was named Rémi’s Tower in memory of Rémi Fraisse, bringing attention to the increasing deaths and oppression of Earth defenders. A UK-based group Global Witness reported that at least 116 environmental activists died last year while campaigning against mining, logging, water and land grabs. The amount of oppression, incarceration and deaths is rising.

On July 22nd at around 8am, as the eviction of Rémi’s Tower began, Jus was the only activist occupying the tower. He was up at the top of the approximately 7 meter tall tower and had chained himself to a concrete block. The whole situation must have been pretty scary, as the cops had removed the lower tower legs in order to bring the machines nearer. This totally destabilized the structure so the whole tower could have collapsed putting Jus in a dangerous situation. It was difficult to see what was really going on as the cops had surrounded such a large area around the tower but we could hear him screaming at them to stop.

The whole eviction of one man took 14 hours, during which our comrade had to face massive oppression. The worst thing is that the only witnesses are RWE, their Security and the cops, not even the press was allowed in.

Jus is now in detention awaiting trial in the JVA (jail) in Köln-Ossendorf. At the time of his arrest, Jus announced that he is going into hunger strike and we are awaiting information about his health.

Freedom for all! Freedom for Jus!

If you would like to express your solidarity, you can write to Jus at the following address:

Werkstatt für Aktionen und Alternativen (WAA)
Freedom for Jus!
Kallsgasse 20,
52355 Düren-Gürzenich

Or send a “Freedom for Jus” solidarity picture or message to the following e-mail address: hambacherforst(at)riseup(dot)net

Or post a comment here or on the Hambach Forest blog.


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Jus seit 2 Wochen in Hungerstreik

Jus, der vor 2 Wochen bei der Turmräumung inhaftiert wurde, ist seitdem in Hungerstreik. Bislang gab es weder brieflichen noch telefonischen Kontakt, nicht einmal für seinen Anwalt. Besuche wurden seiner Freundin grundsätzlich erlaubt, einen konkreten Besuchstermin gab es bislang trotz pausenloser Bemühungen allerdings noch nicht. Da bei Gefangenenbesuchen grundsätzlich deutsch gesprochen werden muss, muss zusätzlich einE DolmetscherIn mitgebracht werden. Das einZige Lebenszeichen von Jus kam bislang über die Sozialarbeiterin der JVA, die mit ihm sprach und auf seinen Wunsch eine Kurznachricht an den Anwalt weitergab: Er sei immer noch in Hungerstreik. Diese Nachricht solle weiterverbreitet werden.



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