Another hambach forest comrade in freakin jail

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After our comrade Jus got out of prison, and is freely walking amongst us again, another comrade got kidnapped by the police.

The 7th of October the person blockaded one of the conveyor belts in the Hambach mine. When this belt stops, some diggers stand still and the trains can not be filled with coal. This mine is second biggest open cast mine of Europe, This area is the biggest Co2 emitter of europe.

It is reported that he got beaten by security as well as police, with a broken wrist, bruises and a red eye as a result.

Allegedly photos where taken of the person at 5 different actions in which the detainee allegedly was involved. They are accusing him of assault because he allegedly bit a security guard, also trespassing, 'disturbing of public enterprises' resisting and insulting police officers, are on the list of charges.

The person is refusing to give his identity, because if this they do not want to let them go! They will keep the person until the court case, which as seen with Jus can take up to 2/3 months.

We are fucking sick and tired, of people being harassed, hurt, beaten by cops and securities, and when they take us, they charge us for harassing them, allowing them to put us in a fucking cage and trying to discourage us. It seems like it is becoming a new tactic to scare us from continuing the fight against the radical, criminal, terrorist enterprise called RWE and of course the MeanMonster of Greed called Capitalism.

We are not discouraged. We are not intimidated. Every time you beat us we will help each other crawl back up. And we know who the people and structures are to be held accountable. With every beat of the bat you will beat our ideas deeper into our hearts and minds.

The person in jail does not have a address to send letters to yet, we will communicate this address as quickly as possible, also the person would really love some cigarette money. We will communicate how to give this to him in our next update.

Burn all prisons, cops not coal
freedom to all prisoners


Latest information on the person in detention

Today we received some new information from the lawyer of the detained person. The arrest probably went off very brutal. He was reportedly beaten badly by both Security and the police as well. A broken wrist, impact marks and a redness of the eye is the result. Allegedly photos were collected by the police of 5 events in which the detainee allegedly was involved. That’s how they justify his arrest. They accuse him of bodily harm because he allegedly bit a security employee. In addition, trespassing, “disturbance of public enterprises” (German paragraph that mainly is made for sabotage actions), resisting police officers and insulting. He still refuses to give his identity, which is why he was also classified under increased risk of absconding. Letters and cigarette money are very welcome! Once we know his-her actual address, we’ll put here immediately.

Apparently it is becoming common practice first to beat activists and then to bring a charge against them for bodily harm and take them into pre-trial detention. Thank you German “legal system”!


Our shit against your violence!

Today, the golden piece of shit goes to the police station Düren – in the truest sense of the word. To oppose something to the repressive bullshit with increasing brutality, that the activists of the Hambach Forest lately have to suffer, flew last night paint & shit bombs to the police station. In addition, a banner was hoisted on which was: “Our shit against your violence!” This should should explain why there were, outside and inside of the gates of the police station, splashes of paint and shit and a stench was spreading.

It is intended to draw attention to the fact that the people who are committed to the environment and against lignite, are exposed to blatant violence by the security staff, the cops and their co-operation with RWE.

After they are mistreated mentally and physically by Securities so badly that it left visible traces, it goes on with the abuse by the cops in the cell.

For the cops, the word of the secus becomes the undisputed truth.

Last week somebody was released from pre-trial detention, and this week you put already the next one away?!

And people who are waiting outside for the release of their friend, you threaten with tasers, you attack them with pepper spray and dogs and even put them away too…

We are pissed off as hell and you will not intimidate us! Therefore we send this signal. You can kick, punch and imprison us, but you never can break our resistance.

Solidarity is a weapon!
Freedom to all prisoners!
Hambach Forest remains!

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