Ontruiming ZAD Notre Dame des Landes begonnen. Solidariteit gevraagd.

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[update door Indymedia moderator:] De ontruiming van de ZAD bij Notre-Dame-des-Landes is begonnen. Maandagochtend 9 april is de Franse overheid met 2400 agenten het gebied binnengevallen. Updates onder andere op:
https://enoughisenough14.org/2018/04/09/live-blog-the-eviction-of-zad-nd... (in het Engels) en
https://reporterre.net/L-intervention-militaire-sur-la-Zad-de-Notre-Dame... (in het Frans)

The French government announced there will be evictions of some habitations and spaces of activity of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes in the following days. Here a call (in french and english) to converge to the zone and defend it or to organize solidarity actions and demos outside the zone itself. The incredible experience of the ZAD must be defended!! Solidarity beyond borders!

Call from the Assembly of Uses facing threat of imminent evictions on the zad.

On February 10th, few weeks after the airport project was dropped, dozens of thousands of people converged again to Notre-Dame-des-Landes to root the avenir of the zad. Since then, the assemblies of uses(*) have laid the foundations of this project through the beginning of a dialogue with government representatives. During this transition phase, a first global collective convention has been proposed by the movement to take the fields and habitations in charge. But the government still threaten to evict some of these habitations. An operation mobilizing thousands of policemen and women is announced for
**M**onday 9th April. We denounce the double-dealing of the government which announced it wants a « peaceful and reasonable » evolution of
the situation while planning an eviction operation which is moreover illegal. We can’t accept that inhabitants who preserved the hedgerow
will be evicted tomorrow. We can’t accept that habitations and spaces of activities which have nurtured the experience of the zad and are
necessary to its future will be destroyed by a new police operation. We invite those who support the avenir of the zad to organize accordingly!

In case of evictions of habitations, we call for different types of answers on several geographical scales.

On the zad and around :

- call to contribute to the workshops organized in april.

- call to come defend the zone.

We already decided that except in case of police intervention, the roads would stay circulating for the inhabitants, the peasants and neighbours. In case of police attack, we might block them if necessary. We call supports to act accordingly. Welcome spaces will be organized on the zone and around.

- call in case of destruction to come rebuild the zone.

Outside the zad :

- call for gatherings and occupations the very night of the evictions on city places, in front of municipalities and prefecture and police stations.

/The //A//ssembl//y//of //U//ses, Tuesday 3rd April. /

(*) The Assemblies of Uses have been implemented in summer 2017 on the zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. They gather regular users of the zad -inhabitants, neighbours, peasants, people involved in activities on the zone and the different componentsof the struggle. Their goal is to think and build the collective organization of this territory according to the 6 points for the avenir of the zad (https://zad.nadir.org/IMG/pdf/6pointszad-a3-2.pdf). Yesterdaynight, this Assemblyhas decided to launch a call to face the imminent evictions on the zad.


ZAD France - eviction could be starting Monday morning

loads and loads of riot cops + vehicles/machines already near/in the zone. Roads closed, checkpoints, press reports confirming a large police operation all these things point to Monday morning (9 April 2018).

here's the latest news (translated) from the zad.nadir.org website


a las barricadas - barricades have sprung up at the north and south of the D281 road, we're inviting everyone to come and protect them with us and to bring food/drink supplies to feed the people! Food, music, chocolate, determination and glitter are very very welcome!!

We've also started to receive lots of messages of support from outside the ZAD, these really warm our hearts! Thanks for supporting us even if you can't be here with us and if you want to go a gathering/action organised near where you live, the list is here:


and you know what, a "little" joke of the night, read in the "le figaro" newspaper:

"the idea is to have large numbers to avoid incidents and to gently control the troublemakers before they do some actions" - whose incidents? who are these so called troublemakers? you have to ask yourself...it's in their troops that there are assassins, not in ours !!!


Live Blog: The Eviction of #ZAD #NDDL Started: #ZADResist!


L’intervention militaire sur la Zad de Notre-Dame-des-Landes a commencé

10u25 - Een steunbetuiging van een sinds enkele weken ZAD-inwoner : "Ik ben in La Grée, we hebben al het materiaal van de rap workshop en de muziekinstrumenten geëvacueerd. Er zijn overal barricades. De gendarmes zijn ongeveer 50 meter van hier vandaan en verroeren zich niet. Zodra iemand iets te dichtbij komt, gooien ze traangas. Iedereen kijkt naar elkaar. De graaflaadcombinaties komen eraan. Ze zullen beginnen met het vernietigen van de schattige hutten, vooral ten oosten van de "Route des Chicanes", die is de mooiste plek in de wereld, een soort Peter Pan land. We zetten de wekker om 4 uur 's ochtends. Tot slot, ze ontwaakten me om 3:30 met een kopje koffie en een glimlach, de gendarmes waren er al sinds 2:30 in de ochtend. Een deel van onze ochtendwerk was het bewaken van de filter dammen. Er wordt gekibbeld, maar we willen dat mensen die gaan werken er langs kunnen. De meesten van hen vroegen ons vriendelijk of ze langs konden komen en zeiden dat ze ons steunden. Om ons heen zijn er reeën, nachtegalen, koekoeken en vele zwaluwen. Er zijn veel gepensioneerden onder de supporters die zijn gekomen om te helpen, ontzettend aardig! Er zijn ongeveer 15 of 20 tractoren."


Updates via Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZAD_NDDL

Enough is Enough

Live Blog ZAS Eviction Day 2: https://enoughisenough14.org/2018/04/10/live-blog-the-eviction-of-zad-nd...


(Manifest) Ter verdediging van de ZAD
Het is absoluut noodzakelijk dat we slagen in het verdedigen van de ZAD, net zoals het absoluut noodzakelijk is dat we erin slagen de SNCF, de universiteiten en alle openbare diensten te verdedigen tegen Emmanuel Macron en de wereld die hij vertegenwoordigt.

Enough is Enough

Live Blog ZAS Eviction Day 3: https://enoughisenough14.org/2018/04/11/live-blog-the-eviction-of-zad-nd...




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