We will not pay for what has been stolen from us

Hier kun je discussieren over We will not pay for what has been stolen from us.
This perverse practice cannot go unanswered. That is why the MAGPIE PROJECT starts. Other goods will disappear from stores and the capitalists will not get money for it. People will use expropriated goods to meet their needs. We will explain why this is happening. We will encourage others to participate as well.

It is not a crime to take goods from the capitalists without paying. They themselves act criminally when they accumulate commodities by exploiting employees. They let them work hard, but they give them only a small part of what they have created with their work. They capture the rest and invest in the next cycle of exploitation. This is theft! This is a crime! Remove the stolen values ​​from these thieves is not a thievery. Contrary to the preachers of Christian-bourgeois morality, we argue that expropriation is a legitimate form of reaction to a world where the path to one’s wealth is paved with the poverty of the other.

Judges and guards imprison human beings. The hypocrites are mumbling about the theft, but they are stealing people’s lives and destroying interpersonal relationships.

Capitalists throw away tons of food and other things every day and do everything they can to prevent people from getting them without paying.

They are unlucky because, even if some are punished, many disobedient people will continue to expropriate. Many of these will never be caught. And if so, they won’t curb them anyway. From the malls it is possible to move to greater goals: to the banks, accounts, settlements and equipment of the bourgeoisie. Just do it!

The MAGPIE PROJECT needs another accomplice. Get involved! Send your stories, videos, photos to publish. Don’t forget safety and don’t get caught!


Re: We will not pay for what has been stolen from us

Proletarian shopping is a good practice to beat the chain of capitalism, maybe the little or the begin start for greater end better actions.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. (was reactie op inmiddels weggehaald comment).

Tijdens de Spaanse

Tijdens de Spaanse Burgeroorlog waren er criminelen die zich Anarchisten noemden zich voordeden als Anarchisten en moordend plunderend en verkrachtend rond trokken tot dat ze zelf werden gedood nog voor de overwinning vd Fascisten dus door veiligheidsdiensten van de Republiek als ik me niet vergis. Ik zie daar overeenkomsten met die " proletarisch " winkelend. Dit zijn niet meer de 80 er jaren met dit soort berichtgeving ben je nog meer wegbereider draag je bij aan uiteindelijk en Rechtse dictatuur. Mensen zoeken uit de mainstream steun en hulp en krijgen dan dit soort poep van misdadigers die zich voorstellen als anti Kapitalisten.

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