31/12 at 23:30, call for demonstration in front of the immigration detention centers

Hier kun je discussieren over 31/12 at 23:30, call for demonstration in front of the immigration detention centers.
Call for demonstration in front of the immigration detention centers

If the immigrants are arrested, they will be transferred to these three prisons:

1-Utrecht: Detentiecentrum Zeist(Richelleweg 13)

2-Amsterdam: Detentiecentrum Schiphol (Duizendbladweg 100)

3-Rotterdam: Detention Center(Portelabaan 7)

The repressive mechanism of the Dutch regime has created a war against immigrants, and is constantly attacking immigrants, like imprisoning the immigrants, which is part of the regime's repressive mechanisms; the regime try to criminalize the immigrants in order to use this excuse to keep them oppressed and imprison them; In fact, the basis of existence of crime is the regime's policy against society; Whoever exists as a prisoner (political or non-political) The main reason for his/her/they presence in prison is the social conditions that the regime has created for his/her/they society. Immigrants are a part of society whose identities, including skin color and place of birth, are classified as crime under the regime's racist algorithm; In fact, the only reason most immigrants are in prison is because they are immigrants, not anything else.

The Dutch regime not only represses and imprisons immigrants under various pretexts, but also does its best to ensure that immigrants are always a weak part of society. The Dutch regime is trying to keep immigrants weak in society, because the regime wants to be able to attack immigrants whenever it wants, and use them as a tool for political purposes and manipulate them to cover its problems.

It is a clear fact that in Europe (especially Western Europe), including the Netherlands, a new body has entered society that has re-created or expanded the proletarian section of society, this new body is the immigrants. Many immigrants (even those who have received a positive asylum answer) now have nothing to lose other than their job; In fact, these conditions have made the proletariat in Netherlands to be immigrants today, so it is the political, historical and social duty of every revolutionary fighter to prioritize the reconstruction of the militant proletariat. What is needed today more than anything else is the joint struggle of local people and immigrants against the enemy. The presence of local people with immigrants in front of prisons on New Year's Eve can show that our political and social problems and pains are the same.

31 December 2020, at 23:30 in front of the immigration detention centers. We all say:

Wherever you are in the country, self-organize yourself and take the initiative to do the protest in front of the immigration detention centers.

Abtin Parsa

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. Waarom duurt het zo lang totdat kansloze trollen worden verwijderd? Om dat wij hun gejank soms grappig vinden.

Re: 31/12 at 23:30, call for demonstration in front of the immig

Thanks Abtin... But don't you know such call outs do not (i repeat DO NOT) get spread over an open website such as Indymedia, where anyone can look on? Especially during corona it might not be a great idea to spread publicly that you will gather with more than the maximum amount of people?
Maybe you should invest some time to see how stuff gets organised here instead of possibly ruining carefully organised important demos. The thing with a noise demo is that you actually arrive there to make some noise, instead of get arrested before even getting to prison.

@ indy admin: mag deze oproep zo snel mogelijk van de site? niet de bedoeling dat dit zo wordt verspreid.

Re: 31/12 at 23:30, call for demonstration in front of the immig

Did you discuss it with the preparation group to put it out online? because yes, refugees should of course be included with actions for refugees, but just making the macho move by throwing it all online with your name under it, en because of that the action failing because also the police reads indymedia doesn't seem like a great contribution. Then the only refugee who got something out of this will be you, because you posted something on indymedia because you're such a cool anarchist figurehead. The people in the detention centres will onlu lose.

Re: 31/12 at 23:30, call for demonstration in front of the immig

Thanks buddy, it's now also on Vizier op Links.

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