The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Proletariat supports and will be present at the demonstration [...]

Hier kun je discussieren over The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Proletariat supports and will be present at the demonstration [...].
We are against all type of authorities and stand in solidarity with our comrades in the US fighting against the racist imperialist U.S. regime. Biden and Trump both represent the bourgeois class and their interests. In the words of our comrades in USA: “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge”. We want revenge for the people murdered at the hand of the state, for those that were killed by cops and those murdered indirectly by being denied a share in the wealth that they and other workers created. We want revenge for those killed in fascists massacres and for the victims of imperialist wars. For those kept in concentration camps and for those that died because of racist borders.

Wednesday, 20/1/2021, at 19:00 in front of the American consolute, Amsterdam.

"The Anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat"

Re: The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Pr

So... you're against all authority and you go to a maoist demo? Hahahaha

Re: The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Pr

So what was it like? How many people came? More than three? Did you clash with the pro-Navalny demonstration just next to you? Were the maoists nice to you?


Vrije Bond en Revolutionaire Eenheid gebroederlijk naast mekaar.

Wat een idioten.

Wat een idioten.

It was indeed a super

It was indeed a super problematic demonstration. Venezuelans in favor of morales, Pro palestine ppl chanting the classic antisemitic "from the river to the see" Hamas slogans. But unlike you little internet troll a speaker went up and criticized all these groups and the short minded 68 like anti imperialism.

Navalny's were not there, next time post if you hear about such protest so we could mobilise.

Thanks for nothing!

It would be nice to know what

It would be nice to know what this speaker exactly said. Any recordings or text?

By the way: they took the

By the way: they took the slogen "from the river from the see" from the PFLP, RE aligned their politics with them. Stalinists hang out with stalinists! And yes, they are hardcore antisemites ...

I take it you mean Maduro and

I take it you mean Maduro and not Morales

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