We anarchists are ungovernmentble, fuck the state election and its capitalistic parliament

Hier kun je discussieren over We anarchists are ungovernmentble, fuck the state election and its capitalistic parliament .
The reformists are NOT anarchist. The only real solution is fighting for a social revolution. Fuck the state, its parliament and all the parties who want to get elected. We anarchists are ungovernmentble. No matter who, these that support the state election or the parties who seek to get elected, are not comrades, they are the enemy.


I was just wondering if you were drunk when u made this?
Also what a fucking stupid shit to constantly say that anarchists who are sympathetic to Bij1 are your enemy's when u want to build a movement.
But thats okay if you want to be alone eventually without the people you push away so you can step into that spotlight when the glorious revolution comes ;)

drunk or demonic possessed.

drunk or demonic possessed.

power to the sheeple

Calling people who participate in representative democracy sheep is kind of specisist tbh. Sheep are actually very intelligent. No idea why they get so much hate. First from right-wing conspiracy people and now from the organisation. Leave the sheep alone!

On another note, we all know the reformist way does not work.Fuck representative democracy, we want a revolution etc. etc. But I am also not an accelerationist. If voting bij1 can make the lives of working class people ever so slightly better right now (or at least will stop things from getting even more shit) then I don't mind going through the minimum effort of voting for them. That does not mean that this is where my actions end. Ofcourse my focus is on organisisng against the state and capitalism. I understand that in Anarchist circles this is a very controversial opinion, but I don't care. I have seen what the difference can be between a slightly more vs a slightly less fascist government, there is a difference.

Ofcourse that does not mean that we should give Bij1 a platfrom or allow them to use our spaces for their political agenda and co option. Absolutly not.

Whoever you vote for the government always wins. (but for working class people depending on who gets elected, their lives can get significantly worse.)

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