Legal to gather information on foreign government on a University Post

Hier kun je discussieren over Legal to gather information on foreign government on a University Post.

As University Professor of Political Science, Timo Kivimäki, pleads not guilty to Danish intelligent service PET’s accusations of espionage, it is a clear indicator Finnish Academicals working for Russia (among other governments?). Articles suggest (,, ) he was supplying the Russian embassy with the names of prospective agents among students when he was arrested. This means me, you and maybe your university friends from Campus has been classified into some category as either being useful or un-useful to someone.

I've been noticing 'a trend' in politicial studies for Russia and Socialism in Finland. As I've faced several difficulties in Finland in my (and other people's) property cases I read some books written by Finns on their political system as well as some western books on cold war.

Russia has operated in Finland as long as Finland has existed. Even Finnish Police is based on Russia Secret Police and it operated in a wide spectr in Finland. Late purchases have been land property close to military bases, link stations, business in banking, telecommunication and military products. Russia is now looking for minority shareholding in High-Tech companies (see the news article I attached). As Western Intelligence has also financed Finnish political system (see an other article I attached), then it is pretty obvious and
even according to my own experience, that everything from running businesses to land property in based rather on mutual agreements than to Laws. Most positions in our government must be based on political nominations as nothing goes according to the Laws and crimes are not inspected unless on government interest.

Few days ago there was a documentary of emigrants being spied in Finland ( What this documentation forgot to mention was the Finns being spied by the Finnish Police. For example Finnish Police committed illegal observation and eavesdropping to my residence in Valkeakoskin in around 1997 (in stead of simply asking 'is there something wrong? - the normal way to do things').

I sincerely hope and wish Timo Kivimäki is not a spy, even articles suggest he was supplying the Russian embassy with the names of prospective agents among students when he was arrested. - Mixing academical aims into politics causes hang over no one wants.

However I do believe spying exist, even according to written books; Finnish books on Russia spies usually tell very clear who they were carrying a killing contract, and how they either killed or tried to kill their target among how these people swapped information.

I wish Netherlands to support my case into International Court in order to punish Finland for ruining 15 years from my life. I just want my property and compensation out so I can do whatever I want to.

Thank You.

Read more about Finnish justice from and or

Some political question to be

Some political question to be considered (in a good spirit)

1. Russia considers, or at least Mr Putin’s statements can be understood in such a way, that it is no other nation’s matter to Russia to make decisions on ex-Soviet colonies, and according to Mr Putin’s statement it is very important no other nation will prevent Russia to re-occupy these independent nations. Does this mean Putin has already declared a war or does it mean a new period of a cold war began?

2. Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat wrote on October 3rd 2008 in article “Russia textbook/school book defend Stalin’s ideological purification // Venäläinen oppikirja puolustaa Stalinin puhdistuksia” that Stalin was sane man as he let kill / killed 15-20 million people between years 1929-1939. Article is referring to a educational book meant to be used in history education. Western ideology disagrees on claims on Stalin, how do you explain this? Would a better alternative to killing for people thinking differently be letting them to travel in some other nation? What is Putin’s opinion about the latter option? What was the reason for forgetting the Winter War between Russia and Finland from Russia books (?)?

3. Finnish Secret Police is based on Russia’s Secret Police. Since Finnish researchers were allowed access to seek KGB archives, why is not possible to run independent research on Finnish Secret police and their archives, and can Putin convince Russia has not wished Finnish Secret Police not to be put under investigations (as even KGB, FSB, FBI, MI, CIA and the rest of them have made mistakes why not Finnish Security Police as well?

4. Russia and Soviet Union has been and still is a remarkable trade companion to Finland. We have long industrial and trade traditions, as Russians have either established or assisted to construct some factories in Finland. How do you explain Finnish people the tactical business run by Russia (in telecommunication, oil industry – gas and oil, land and real estate property)?

5. If Russia law say its citizen must co-operate with FSB leading into a situation possibly person working on both private sector abroad and to FSB, would this harm your national image and is your national law conflicting international laws?

6. Would it really matter either one, Finnish Army or Russia Army (or any other Army Intelligence) would take part into intelligence cases were ‘imaginary’ from either nation some government officials would have been caught violation their own law in national extent (to force the national law act according to the nation were the violation would exist)?

7. What is Putin's opinion on Karelia if it were build a new trade zone solving out Russia tourism while mainly stopping to Karelia, some Karelians able to move and purchase their property or similar back to themselves, Russia Generals not over riding trade zone with tanks, and transit from both Finland and Russia travels into Karelia Trade Zone? This alternative possibly increases tourism on both sides. I believe this would solve out and end most of Karelia discussion as land (usually) can overtaken only via wars.

8. Why Russia wants to present their nation as a modern western capitalist nation but at the same time gives negative statements on USA (e.g. ref.: HS 3.8.2011 A16 "Putin: USA on talouden loinen")? Reason for asking this Turku Appeals prevented publishing a book on Russia Business Ethics having bribe sums... as both sides have more or less similar problems... why not to co-operate in stead of (cold) war?

9. Why Russia does not explain in more detail their aims on image building abroad as we know it is one of the leading nations on media manipulation and (on my mind) some image building were 'far beyond western standards'; Putin is in a great physical and mental shape, and the photographs and stories given to foreign press are superp, however sometimes one may get a feeling the whole storyboard serves certain purpose, specially when combined to the warlike statement on overtaking ex-colonies. If this is a national habit, should it not be told (like you did at least in one of the cases) a better way? Naturally Putin's image is serving a good macho image to Russia youth and men, but it may be taken too literally in west when combined to warlike statements? (HS 3.8.2011 A12)

10. When high-technology States co-operate or export know-how into Russia do they at the same time support Russia to defeat themselves?

11. It is something considered self-evident in keeping and maintaing power and order not suitable to everyone, specially in a nation undergoing some conservative reforms, but how does Russia reassure its inhabitants and foreign nations of Russia’s officials motives pure and not an other overtaking; as some nation or nations may (or may not) collapse, someone need to maintain order on globe or anarchy wins.

12. If Russia would need to choose between independent or NATO oriented Finland, which would you prefer, and would it harm if we were to build your defense against both (by using both sides military technology plus our own)?

13. Does is have any effect to foreign policy who is Finland's President and what kind of changes would be made according to which president?

14. What are Mr Putin's three favor blini filling?

15. Why do you use military ranking on government posts?

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