I have a question to indymedia.nl

Hier kun je discussieren over I have a question to indymedia.nl.
Cops are comemting & the security of people in the movement is under danger because of comments! Here should be a serious space for comrades but the comments is f*cked up! Indymedia.nl close the comments & check the posts before upload on the site, so no-political posts won't destroy the site. From past a few months ago to now, indymedia.nl got very active & popular in the movement to use it as a platform for publishing political stuffs. Close the comments, check the post before upload & be serious.
It is a urgent need to do it.

Jozef Stalin

Vertrouwen is goed, controle is beter.

Why? Because closed comments


Because closed comments and moderated content would be your blog not Indymedia.

Don't trust anything on here it was all posted anonymously. It's the point.

I think the discussion should

I think the discussion should definitely still exist but maybe moderation can be a bit more present just to make sure people don't get doxxed.


I agree, the mods tend to be a bit late with reacting, but hey, it is supposed to be unmoderated forum after all. Besides I'm actually not sure what you are referring to. I understand it would defeat the argument to point out who have been doxxed when on Indymedia, but can you be a bit more clear what you mean?

Be serious yourself

"Be serious, it is urgent need to do it". If this was not so pathetic, it would be funny - but you don't seem to be the kind of person who understands humor.

Anyway, first you do not have a question, you have a request. For some reason you decide to put your request on the site itself, instead of simply contacting info@indymedia. Do you realize how ironical it is that you are willingly putting your 'request' to close the comments section... to be discussed on Indymedia? Probably you don't.

So, the reason for requesting to simply close down the comments section, and radically change the nature of the site by ditching Open Posting altogether, seems to be this: "the security of people in the movement is under danger because of comments!". Really? How come? Can you explain? The 'people in the movement' (whoever they may be, and whichever 'movement' you self-identify as being part of) don't have to put stuff on Indymedia. They chose to do so, because they hope to reach some audience, because they don't want to put their postings (only) on commercial sites with trackers and stuff, or sometimes because they feel that anonymous posting helps in obfuscating the traces they left while doing some action that may or may not be illegal and may or may not be subject to police research.

Now: how on earth would anonymous comments, posted as a reaction to an anonymous posting, be "a danger to the security of the people"? You seem to have a deep lack of understanding of how police work in this country. Even if the cops would decide to help themselves to nail someone for some action, by putting a comment that says "Pietje is the one who did this action" (technically they can do that), there is no way this would ever hold in court. No way. For such a method to be effective it would need Pietje herself be so stupid as to start panicking after reading the comments and phone all their friends and say "shit someone put my name in relationship to this action we did the other day". We all assume that Piet is not thàt stupid, and in any which way there is no way Indymedia could protect them from such stupidity.

(As a side track: it is not unthinkable that police use several methods like this one as part of their repressive work. But as you may have had the occasion to understand so far, they don't really need fake court prosecution to do the repression work. If they want to nag Pietje because they hate Pietje and Pietje is, say, a vocal activist, they will do it and be very nasty. No need to misuse the anonimity of Indymedia, everyone knows where Pietje lives, because Pietje is such a vocal activist. Example given (it's been quoted already here recently): the case against Joke Kaviaar was clearly purely repressive. The cops picked up some sentence in a writing signed by her, and made this an excuse to get the paperwork from a judge to be able to raid her house, probably hoping to find evidence of more serious stuff there. They found no evidence, and in the end she was sentenced nevertheless, a clear coverup for the cops f*up. Conclusion: activists are responsible for doing covert illegal actions in a safe and serious way, but they are always at risk of repression anyway.)

No, the biggest danger for brave Pietje who gets involved in possibly illegal actions, and makes a posting on Indymedia to explain why this action was undertaken, is and stays Pietje herself. For extensive info on how to claim illegal actions "safely", please consult the internet (Pietje should give special attention to things like 'how to avoid disclosing details about individuals by using collective writing and automated language correction'). Indymedia.nl, as far as I know, does not claim or pretend that they facilitate anonymous claims of illegal actions, it is clearly not what the platform has been set up for. Pietje still can use it for that purpose, but doing that safely relies on Pietje, and definitey not on the comments section being open or closed.

Having said all that, everyone who will read your request will assume that the real reason that you want to have the comments section closed, is because you cannot stand people not agreeing with your postings. It would be interesting to hear / read why people having different opinions is so terribly difficult for you.


great comment,NN 11.29,clear and to the point.


1312% agreement here with

1312% agreement here with you. Get smart about your actions, or hand yourself straight to the police. Welcome in 2021.

Independend media.

Independend media. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Media_Center " The origins of Indymedia centres themselves came out of protests against the concentrated ownership and perceived biases in corporate media reporting. " Wat je verder denkt over de wiki professionele kwaliteit journalist staat al lang onder druk geen financiering . Indymedia is nooit bedoeld als de spreekbuis van de lunatic fringe of nou ja alleen maar de lunatic fringe vind ik. In deze tijd van social media waar de samenzweringstheorieen je om de oren vliegen waar nuancering totaal afwezig is en de grootste waanzin als realiteit word gezien waar naar word gehandeld. Zie Corona ontkenners bijv. De meningen sectie van indymedia.nl is vaak niet meer of minder dan haat zaaien vijand beeld denken . Is indymedia.nl beter dan de bubbles op F*cebook nou nee nou ik er zo over nadenk een voorloper er van behalve dan dat indymedia nauwelijks word gelezen in vergelijking met " influencers " op F#cebo#k en Yo#t#be .
Influencers wat voor een beeld krijg jij er bij ? Ik denk dan aan valse wimpers heel duur trainingspak idem sneakers Urban hoodlum nou denk gangsta rap clip. Gefinancierd door een bedrijven die hun troep snoep schoenen make up willen verkopen. Gaat er in als een lekker broodje bij een deel vd consumenten.
Bubbles op internet is dat wat anders dan de al oude Verzuiling en incestueuze semi criminele politiek clubjes ter Linker en Rechter zijde. Ja die politiek gemotiveerden lazen nog wel eens een boek tegenwoordig internet pagina 's . De burger journalistiek is iets waar indymedia.nl al heel lang heel ver van is geraakt. Maar toch arme donders als ze het durven kunnen daar op indy nog eens wat van hun wanhoop kwijt. Gemengde gevoelens dus. Of het een goed idee is om je zielenroerselen als armoezaaier aan het internet toe te vertrouwen is wat anders. het staat er voor eeuwig en zal tegen je worden gebruikt. Niet vergeten de captcha in te vullen begrijp je. Die captcha is er gekomen als ik het me goed herinner na dat de politie zich met indymedia.nl ging bemoeien.

hahaha is dit satire? Een

hahaha is dit satire? Een poging tot poëzie? Like, wat is dit? Heb dit geprobeerd te lezen en ik lig strak. Hoewel ik het in de kern niet 100% met je oneens ben (een evil "robot" is wellicht een oké synoniem voor een smeris), vraag ik mij af of hoe die CAPTCHA de smeris weghoudt. Dat is namelijk een kwestie van in staat zijn op een toetsenbord te tikken.

"Of het een goed idee is om

"Of het een goed idee is om je zielenroerselen als armoezaaier aan het internet toe te vertrouwen is wat anders."

Oh man het zou zo een goed idee zijn als jij, R., inderdaad eens hier mee op zou houden. Jouw mijmeringen en zieleroerselen raken kant noch wal. Er is je al heel vaak gevraagd, in aardige bewoordingen en in minder aardige bewoordingen, om eindelijk eens een keer op te houden om vanuit je toetsenbord de discussie hiero te vervuilen met onsamenhangende stukjes. Iedereen begrijpt dat je je eenzaam voelt, dat je moeite hebt met het beteugelen van een alcoholverslaving - allemaal heel zielig, maar dit is echt niet het forum waar je aandacht moet vragen voor je problemen.

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