Bourgeois bloody swimingpool

Hier kun je discussieren over Bourgeois bloody swimingpool.
If we are not allowed to make the inside of the building livable and homely we will do it on the outside. On the streets we left some messages for the neighborhood. Homelessness is violence and the cops play their own special role in this. They are puppets of the state that keep this violence alive and sometimes, when the cops feel like it, they will try to turn this savagery in an actual war. Not only during evictions but also on the streets, harassing the people who cant afford a house. The officier van justitie decided last Saturday that an speed eviction was needed. Completely ignoring the fact that the squatters lived there for 3 day, taking a wet shit on the house peace. And once again the state decided to ignore their own laws. How are we supposed to feel safe in a world where capitalistic man in power can decides whether we are worthy of basic human needs. Kill all men in power. Burn the bourgeoisie, and rob them from their empty buildings. Target all cops. We will burn your prisons and liberate the prisoners.

flikker op class war, jullie

flikker op class war, jullie zijn bourgoise kindjes en dat acab geklieder irriteert mij mateloos.


Deze collectieven zijn de meest actieve krakers binnen de beweging, misschien zelf de handen uit de mouwen steken ipv janken om wat tags.

Meest social media actief

Meest social media actief

lol pretentious

pretentious self-righteous, rich kids, not to mention annoying with idiotic arguments and world views.... most pathetic, for sure, dunno about most active. learn your place and have some respect for what came before you, you dysfunctional cabbages

@nn1 Meest social media

Meest social media actief zeker, is ook een strategie en het helpt de kraakbeweging weer op de kaart te zetten.

You seem to have a strong opinion for somebody without any real arguments besides "respect us or what we once did" and some ad hominem shit.
If I learned one thing during activism it is definitely not using my age or experience in a discussion. Makes you sound like a super conservative frustrated grandpa who can't handle new perspectives and any form of progress.
"Vroeger was alles beter" bullshit.

if we kill all men in power,

if we kill all men in power, how are your papas gonna pay your rent?


WTF is er gaande op hier?
Beetje support voor degenen aan de frontlinies van de kraakbeweging.

support there is and has been

support there is and has been plenty... but one sided. while asking for support and solidarity these same lost kids call us oppressors and cis-male/female aggressors, they dont listen to any advice/suggestion and keep doing stupid shit, while putting all of in risks. One day they ask for help with a million things, next day they say they dont feel safe with the same people that are in front of their houses pushing away cops, same people that recycle the food and open the bars, same people that fix the plumming and door locks...



Maybe Instead of posting

Maybe Instead of posting angry and condescending Indymedia comments while people have just spend 4 days in a cell, we could plan in a moment to have a debrief and a nice chat so we can actually make a connection and learn from eachother?
If you know everything better and are so skilled, maybe it's time to share those skills? Instead of judging those putting their bodies on the line because they are in need of housing.

Did you actually help people or are just complaining about people asking for help? I think the latter. If you're help is conditional to people listening to your 'authority' I doubt anyone wants your help.

Is it really so hard to believe that this scene / movement ( though I don't think such a thing exist or if it does you clearly think these flinta people are not part of it - maybe that's your problem as well?) Is macho and not alway safe for flinta people? Maybe if you don't think this is a problem you should listen to those who do think it is.

Either way, let's try and meet and talk about it. And if you are not open to that and only came to complain online to feel better about yourself I indeed dont think we are part of the same community. And if anyone ever asks you to help fix plumping ( I doubt this ever happend and if it did I guess it were not the same people but ok) you can refuse to help and go around telling everyone how people asked you for help and feel really important because you have a skill that others do t have and how stupid they are that they don't allready know how to do everything. I think this will really benefit everyone.

Can you not post your

Can you not post your personal vendetta on indymedia, maybe try talking to these people in real.
Instead of talking behind a safe keyboard, breaking security cultures and being super mean to people who were just locked up for four days in a prison cell.

Re: Bourgeois bloody swimingpool

“Kill all men in power”, nou dat is al minder radicaal dan bijvoorbeeld scum manifesto uit de jaren 60 en dat is ook alsnog gewoon gepubliceerd en een “gevestigde” tekst geworden. Zulke uitspraken vormen al meer dan 50 jaar geen bedreiging meer voor de status quo. Zelfs het in uitvoering brengen en “man in power” (of agent, of bourgeois persoon) daadwerkelijk ombrengen zou waarschijnlijk hoogstens cult figuren van jullie maken en dan zou dat als narratief ook zo geabsorbeerd worden door de dominante cultuur en niet meer bedreigend zijn.
Dus wat zit er nou echt achter zo’n uitspraak? Mocht het geheel goed overwogen zijn, dan lijkt het me in ieder geval het meest praktische dan doelwitten te kiezen die dichtbij staan en waar al informatie over bekend is. Er zullen vast ooms, buurmannen, collega’s, vaders, broers, neven en opa’s zijn van de mensen in dit collectief die voldoen aan de categorie “men in power.” Ik zou zeggen begin in eigen kring. Succes er mee.

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