Moving into the 3rd year

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It has now been a bit over 2 years since I left the Pinkertons with black flags known as Vrije Bond for the reasons I've outlined in my previous 2 texts

It has now been a bit over 2 years since I left the Pinkertons with black flags known as Vrije Bond for the reasons I've outlined in my previous 2 texts:

Recently another interesting text appeared on Indymedia by a former Vrije Bond member, Sjerp van Wouden, detailing many of the tactics used by Vrije Bond which I have also experienced ( so I decided to move my "yearly text" forwards a good month for this year. It is notable that the PR department of Vrije Bond, also known as the moderation team of Indymedia NL, systematically moves such texts to the Ruis section even though there is no basis for such. Well, every cult tries to silence former members who speak out about it, so there's no surprise there I guess.

So, continuing on with the theme of my previous 2 texts spanning the last 2 years, let's take a look at a recent text on Indymedia which the moderation team chose not to move to Ruis: In this text we are asked to pay our respects to so-called "anarchists" and "anti-fascists" who died, one of which being Sergey Petrovichev. In AGA's text we are pointed to some publications for more details, in particular to the following text when it comes to Petrovichev: Some short notes on this text:

"Serhiy was born on April 9, 1987 in Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation. He was associated with the local football scene, and over time he joined the "VOLNYTSYA" organization already in Moscow."

He wasn't just associated with the local football scene, in 2012 he was even convicted together with some of his football mates for inciting ethnic hatred on account of posting and displaying racist banners and stickers. A well-deserved conviction if you look at it: Oh and that Volnytsa organization he was a member of? Yeah, it's a neo-nazi group of course:

"He often visited Ukraine, visiting comrades from the "Autonomous Resistance"."

Ah yes of course, the Autonomous Resistance... Hmmm, those are definitely some interesting flags used by Autonomous Resistance in their actions at the time:

"In 2013-14, Serhiy came to Kyiv to Maidan, where he was an active participant in the protests. He remained in Ukraine and joined the armed resistance in the ATO along with other comrades from his organization. He fought in Shakhtarsk and OUN battalions."

Yes, let's definitely not mention here that the OUN battalion is fascist. Or that Shakhtarsk was a battalion of the Special Police which was disbanded because of its brutality against the civilian population in Donbass, was then reformed into the Tornado battalion, which was then disbanded as well with several of its members being taken to court. Here are the court testimonies from that case with English subs for reference:

I could go on here for a while, and Petrovichev is certainly not the only one, but by this point it's a bit like beating a dead horse. It is notable that these things have already been mentioned in my previous text from 14/7/23 and, as I indicated in my text the year before that on 14/7/22, it is exactly for these activities that I decided to leave Vrije Bond back in 2022. It is equally notable that the moderation team of Indymedia NL has been fully aware of all this for almost 2 years, yet systematically decides to move texts criticizing such activities to Ruis while at the same time leaving such propaganda by AGA/Vrije Bond standing. People can make of that what they will.

No surprise then that Sjerp's text was also moved to Ruis, even though the modus operandi he describes such as running secret sabotage campaigns have been well-known to me too, especially after I left and decided to make it quite public why exactly I had left. But since such sneaky secret campaigns always ensure plausible deniability, let's consider a quite public example. In the comments on my first text from 2 years I explained why I, at the time, decided to publish it anonymously as thus: "Let me remind you of how these things are done these days by our more nationalist-minded comrades: "For example, former anarchists Anatoly Dubovik and Oleksandr Kolchenko living in Ukraine have published the names and addresses of our activists on the open Internet. The first of them wrote the corresponding text, and the second gave him his Facebook account for publication and approved it."" (comment: zo, 17/07/2022 - 01:08 — nn)

So for a good guessing game, how long do you think it took for Vrije Bond - AGA in particular - to spread slanderous texts full of bogus allegations against me in cooperation with Dubovik? If you said "Well that couldn't have taken more than a couple of months" then you'd be entirely correct: I was the original author of that "post on Greek social media" that supposedly "contains nothing but miserable fabrications and the utmost stupid lies." Obviously, the information I had shared with my Greek comrades that Dubovik and Shevchenko didn't want known, about some then-RKAS members who had joined the DNR's miners battalion in 2014, was not only quite correct but also known since at least 2015 as anyone who had bothered reading page 3 of the issue nr 36 of the Avtonom magazine would've seen.

So here's some conclusions I'll safely draw from my observations of the past 2 years:

1) Vrije Bond knowingly and deliberately promotes fascists. (Petrovichev et al)

2) Vrije Bond actively tries to hide this from others. By asking others for money for these activities it also engages in fraud against the workers and other activists by hiding such relevant and crucial information from them.

3) The moderation team of Indymedia NL helps them cover it up, by systematically moving posts critical of activities of Vrije Bond to Ruis while at the same time taking no action against their continuing propaganda on this subject, even though it is fully aware of these issues and has been for 2 years.

4) Vrije Bond will happily collaborate with snitches to help spread slanderous texts against its own former members who have left the organization and are publicly critical of it.

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