HillaryClinton State Dept.,U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón owe apology to Guatemala for arming Zetas,Trafficking

Hier kun je discussieren over HillaryClinton State Dept.,U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón owe apology to Guatemala for arming Zetas,Trafficking.
HillaryClinton State Dept.,U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón owe apology to Guatemala for arming Zetas,Trafficking Cocaine

By Tony Ryals

CIA,HillaryClinton State Dept.,U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón owe apology to Guatemala for arming Zetas,Trafficking Cocaine,easy documentation of charges will soon be posted here......

by Tony Ryals

US Ambassador to Guatemala promotes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resident and Marine OEF veteran to Captain Courtesy Photo Pittsburgh resident, Capt. John J. Straub was pinned on to his present rank by U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala, Arnold A. Chacon and Marine Corps Maj. Paul Sotomayor, officer-in-charge of the Coordination Liaison and Assessment Team, Latin America, at MCSCG during a ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City following the team's week-long security cooperation engagement and assessment of a Guatemalan naval force. Straub is a veteran of OEF and is currently serving as a communications officer in the unit.http://www.dvidshub.net/news/80904/us-ambassador-guatemala-promotes-pittsburgh-pennsylvania-resident-and-marine-oef-veteran-captain#.T3O0TdlR4kE#ixzz1qSmojDme

Ever since Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina suggested legalizing drugs a short while ago there has been an unending flow of top level fascists and drug and gun trafficking suspects flying down from the Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro gang,(President of Vice Joe Biden,Homeland Security terrorist Janet Napolitano,etc.), in an effort to intimidate him and encourage other Central American leaders to do the same. And no one asks about the Level 3-Titan Corp and DEA Chief Michele Leonhart connected DC-9 cocaine plane of Skyway Communications dubbed by Daniel Hopsicker as Cocaine One - , (a play on the name of U.S. President's Air Force One plane) ,nor about the Hillary Clinton and Guantanamo AND RUSSIAN JEWISH MAFIA connected Gulfstream II plane that crashed in Mexico after a rendition flight of either more torture victims rounded up from the Middle East .I suggested in an email and internet post to ex Ambassador Stephen G McFarland before he left the post as U.S.Ambassador to Guatemala to take up some position as a sub Ambassador in Afghanistan- that the cocaine and Guantanamo 'rendition' Gulfstream II plane privately owned by Russian Jewish mafiosi who have given bribes or 'campaign contributions' to Hillary as well as to Rudi Giuliani,et.al., in the past may have been dropping off a load of Afghanistan heroin in Guantanamo.No proof of that but the fact the plane then took off for South America - Colombia or Venezuela - and just about as quickly crashed en route to and near Cancun,Mexico with the probable final destination of this Hillary Clinton,Guantanamo,et.al connected cocaine plane being the good old USA - THEN IT DOESN'T SEEM IMPROBABLE AT ALL THAT THIS JEWISH RUSSIAN MAFIA PLANE WAS ALSO DELIVERING AFGHAN HEROIN TO GUANTANAMO AND OR VICTIMS TO BE TORTURED NOW DOES IT ? Someone should ask U.S.Assistant Secretary of State Brownfield about those planes as he is the most recent suspect to arrive in Central America to lobby to keep drugs illegal and profitable for Hillary's friends.

Hillary Clinton says drugs can't be legalized because,'there's too money in it' !?:


February 7, 2011

WTF Quote Of The Day: Hillary Clinton Edition

by Doug Mataconis

Via Jacob Sullum, here’s a truly bizarre comment from Hillary Clinton during an interview with Mexican media:

Maerker: In Mexico, there are those who propose not keeping going with this battle and legalize drug trafficking and consumption. What is your opinion?

Clinton: I don’t think that will work. I mean, I hear the same debate. I hear it in my country. It is not likely to work. There is just too much money in it, and I don’t think that—you can legalize small amounts for possession, but those who are making so much money selling, they have to be stopped.......

Then WHY doesn't someone stop HER AND HER 'FRIENDS' ?


To put it politely U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón has Guatemalan blood on his hands and traces of cocaine as well but perhaps he doesn't notice,thanks to his boss Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as to DEA Czar Michele Leonhart and the U.S. MILITARY TRAINED AND FUNDED ZETAS.

Perhaps the U.S.would be willing to hand them over to Guatemalan auhorities in exchange for the

Guatemalan smaller fish they are demanding,the ex Guaremalan president Alfonso Portillo.Whatever Portillo did his crimes couldn't begin to match Chacon's cime boss U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and those of Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration,Michele Leonhart's,Level 3-Titan Corp who were responsible for the tortures at Abu Graib,Iraq, and closer to home, for the DC-9 captured in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico in April 2006 with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board.As you can see from the quote from Daniel Hopsicker below,Michele Leonhart is still VERY MUCH a part of the cocaine trafickers of Titan Corp who also played a rle in 9/11/01 and were the employers of the Kwikcheck in Venice,Florida who cashed the check sent by Kalid Sheik Mohamed that was sent to Mohamed Atta from Dubai pre 9/11 ! Ambassador Chacon's crime boss Hillary Clinton is in bed with the Jewish Russian or Israeli criminals who owned the Gulfstream II,(tail number N987SA), that crashed in Yucatan,Mexico in 2007 with at least 4 tons of cocaine onboard after having recently laned in Guantanamo and then South America ! Ambassador Chacon's crime boss Hillary Clinton also used another Gulfstream II,( (tail number N216RR),connected to these same russian-Israeli Jewish criminals,(but white and NOT of semitic origen),who have bribed a number of U.S.officials,including Hillary and Rudolph Giuliani among others,for years and are named below.And the Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro regime that replaced war criminal W Bush and puut Clinton and Leonhart among others,in their positions of power has been implicated even by the Congress in the smugglig of guns into Mexico(Fast and Furious scandal),including the Zetas themselves who were also trained at Fort Bragg before they went 'bad'.Worse it was AFTER it was known that the Zeta founders had left the Mexican military to becme major drug traffickers and mass murdering terrorists that the Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama regime supplied them arms!Note also that Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro knew in advance that his choice for U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder had used his law degree to represent Chiquita Banana IN COLOMBIA,WHOSE DEATH SQUADS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS OF THOUSANDS OF POOR BANANA WORKERS !Obama or Barry should have disqualified Holder from appointment as U.S.Attorney General on that conflictof interest in Latin America alone.But of course many things including Barack Obama's questionable and hidden past and probable CIA connections among others should also have disqualfied Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro or whoever this step son of mass murderering suspect of Indonesian Colonel Lolo Soetoro is from the U.S. Presidency itself. :

“Just as the nation was reeling from the worst economic crisis in decades, with the national debt climbing toward $10 trillion, Leonhart chose an expensive outside jet charter company instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes for her trip to Bogotá, Colombia last fall,” reported Marisa Taylor of McClatchy Newspapers.

In a Feb 16, 2009 story headlined “DEA official’s private charter cost $123,000,” Taylor reported that the DEA chartered the jet for Leonhart’s trip from L-3 Communications, which bills itself as the nation’s sixth largest defense contractor, and which made more than $32 million from the DEA in 2008 for transportation services, while the company’s largest subsidiary, “Titan Group of L-3 Communications,” had a $70,000 investment in a shell company in Miami with no employees, no earnings and no prospects, but which somehow wound up as the true and legal owner of a DC9 carrying a cargo of 5.5 tons of cocaine.

Some might suggest that had been the purpose of the investment all along.- Daniel Hopsicker



Makram Chams owned a Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice, where the biggest overseas money transfer to the terrorists, $70000 from the UAE., was sent , ...

Guatemala: 27 massacred, decapitated in Petén by paramilitary drug gang Los Zetas

By Xeni Jardin at 5:16 pm Monday, May 16

Written in the blood from a victim's severed leg, in Spanish: "What's up, Otto Salguero, you bastard? We are going to find you and behead you, too. —Sincerely, Z200." Guatemalan media reports Otto Salguero is the owner of the ranch where at least 27 workers were killed, 26 of whom were decapitated, yesterday. Salguero is believed to be linked to the drug trade, and in conflict with the Zetas...........


Mexican cartel’s founding members trained at Fort Bragg: report

The Mexican personnel who received US training and later formed the Zetas came from the Airmobile Special Forces Group (GAFE), which is considered an elite division of the Mexican military….


Worse Than Gunwalker? State Dept. Allegedly Sold ...


22 Jul 2011 – Phil Jordan, a former CIA operative and one-time leader of U.S. Drug ... that the Zetas bought weapons in the United States and transported ...

A Fast-and-Furious Smoking Gun: Were Obama and Holder Trying ...


29 Sep 2011 – Phil Jordan, a former CIA operative and one-time leader of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's El ... The State Department,(of U.S. Guatemala Ambassador Chacon's crime boss and known cocaine trafficker HILLARY CLINTON), arms the Zetas ..


Nicaragua President Ortega now a prostitute for Hillary Clinton's State Department .and CIA ?

Is Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, who in times Iran-Contra acknowledged the U.S. and CIA were running arms and guns in Central America,now a CIA stooge and prostitute ? Is this why the CIA ALLOWED HIM THE PRESIDENCY IN 1984 ? Why is he criticizing Guatemala President Otto Pérez Molina who wishes to legalize drugs to end the vilolence and end the CIA and Hillary Clinton's and her Israeli pals' drug trafficking profits while covering up for the CIA and their Beechcraft airplane that was captured in Nicaragua in 1984 and how many other CIA or Hillary Clinton cocaine flights has he allowed to traffic through Nicaragua since that time ?

Daniel Ortega Now A CIA Prostitute ?:


Ex-candidate: I was used by the CIA


4 Nov 2011 –Arturo J. Cruz Porras,who campaigned briefly against Daniel Ortega in the 1984 presidential elections before dropping out of the race shamefacedly...In 1984, Cruz says he was used by the CIA and Nicaragua’s “extreme right wing” to run a “fake candidacy” against Ortega.......


Drug legalization won't be topic of debate at weekend summit

Proponents of seeking an alternative to the U.S.-led drug war remain optimistic that change is in the air......

Central America will not come to any regional consensus about the decriminalization of drugs at this weekend’s presidential summit in Antigua, Guatemala.

Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Harold Caballeros said the controversial proposal to legalize drugs won’t even be a topic of debate this weekend, even though the summit’s host, Guatemalan President Otto Pérez, is the biggest regional proponent of the idea...

Indeed, opinions on legalization are so varied that President Daniel Ortega’s own view on the matter appears to have changed just in the past week. Ortega initially seemed to supported the idea of debating decriminalization, but last night changed his tune (several days after meeting with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, a leading opponent to the measure), saying, “Decriminalization doesn’t make sense, it’s like saying we have lost.”

With Nicaragua’s Ortega and El Salvador’s Mauricio Funes flip-flopping on the issue, and Guatemala’s sudden pullback on its campaign to push legalization, those who were expecting a lively debate—and perhaps even regional consensus—at this weekend’s summit will most likely be disappointed...............


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder,implicated in 'Fast and Furious' gun smuggling to narco traffickers in Mexico and cover up for U.S. arms trafficking to Zetas, was private attorney defending Chiquita Banana death squads in COLOMBIA BEFORE BEING APPOINTED BY BARK OBAMA AKA BARRY SOETORO AS U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL !:


Relatives Sue Banana Firm Over Killings in Colombia

by Tom Hennigan in São Paulo

Families of victims in Colombia’s civil war are suing the biggest banana importer in the United States for its role in funding illegal armed groups in the country’s conflict.

Relatives of 931 people killed by left-wing guerrillas and right-wing paramilitaries want compensation after Chiquita Brands admitted paying the groups at various times during the conflict to protect its banana plantations in the Caribbean Urabá region.

One of the filings made with a US federal court in Washington DC on Tuesday relates to 254 murders by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc.

closer up banana

Chiquita paid the guerrilla movement between 1987 and 1999 to defend its plantations from attack by a rival guerrilla force, the Popular Liberation Army.

The second filing concerns 677 victims of the right-wing United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC), which received money from Chiquita after the militia took control of the area where the company’s plantations were located.

In the 1990s Colombia was wracked by violence as Marxist guerrillas battled the AUC and the country’s military in a war marked by massacres and other atrocities, where most of the victims were civilians caught in the crossfire.

These latest filings bring to over 4,000 deaths in Colombia for which Chiquita is being sued for civil damages by families of victims. The civil cases follow Chiquita’s admission in 2007 that it paid $1.7 million (€1.2 million) to the AUC between 1997 and 2004 and acknowledged previous payments to other groups.

That admission followed a secret investigation by the US justice department into violations of US counter-terrorism laws. The company, which was then represented by current US attorney general Eric Holder, was fined $25 million to be paid over four five years. Chiquita sold its Colombian subsidiary in 2004. Its revenues in 2009 totalled $3.47 billion........


In light of the FACT that Hillary Clinton conducted her 2008 U.S.Presidential campaign in a Gulfstream II belonging to the same offshore shell companies that also owned the Gulfstream II that landed in Guantanamo perhaps with more prisoners of the Middle East or Europe for 'rendition' or torture or whatever the U.S. military and apparently international Russian-Israeli-Jewish mafia who run Guantanamo do with - or perhaps with the sole purpose of using Guantanamo for Afghanistan opium and or heroin 'rendition' there ! If the U.S. is serious about Central America and Latin America cracking down on drug trafficking then it would appear Hillary Clinton and many other U.S. and Israeli,(I consider the Jewish Russian oligarchs whose Gulfstream II landed in Guantamo.possibly carrying Afghanistan heroin and definitely trafficking in cocaine immediately after whatever or whomever the 'rendered' in Guantanamo to be as much citizen of Israel as of Russia itself.Yes even Vladmir Putin has some blame here as well.)and perhaps European officials must be arrested on her next trip there.And Ambassador Chacon and all U.S.Embassadors throughout Latin America must need be called to to offices of the heads of state around Latin America and taken to task for using Guantanamo,Cuba and virtually all countries thoughout Latin America for drug trafficking operations !

Is this what the U.S.government of Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama want ? It appears to be what he and Jioe Biden and U.S. Homeland Security Czar Janet Napolitano are demanding and it sounds like a good idea to me.


Avión CIA con Coca + mafia ruso-judía + Giuliani + ¿Cardoen?AutorMensaje Isra-hell

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Siguiendo la caída de un avión de la CIA con 4 toneladas de coca, nos encontramos que estaba relacionado con la mafia ruso-judía y estos con donativos a las campañas de Rudy Giuliani y la Hillary Clinton.

Sigiendo a Rudy Gugliani, nos encontramos con relaciones con ¡¡¡ Carlos Cardoen !!!; ¡¡ qué vueltas tiene la vida !!

MEXICO: Jet plane that crashed with 4 tons of cocaine tied to the CIA and the Russian MafiaOn September 24 a Grumman Gulfstream II jet airplane crashed near Cancun, Mexico with 4 tons of cocaine. The jet plane had been circling around the town of Tixkokob when it apparently ran out of fuel. Citizens of Tixkokob called authorities and Mexican army helicopters arrived to find the jet plane in three pieces and with 4 tons of high grade cocaine.
Mexican authorities have determined that the shipment of cocaine was to be delivered to Mexican drug cartels and have now focused on who owned the jet plane. Their preliminary findings of who owned the Gulfstream II jet plane with, tail number N987SA, now threatens to open up another Iran/Contra - CIA Crack Cocaine type scandal.
Apparently the same jet plane N987SA was used by the CIA to transport Muslim prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2003, 2004 and 2005. The CIA is known to use a number of front corporate entities to hide their operations. Also, when registering their planes, they utilize a complex series of "change of ownership" filings with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to make it very difficult to trace the true owner of the planes they use in their operations.
The Gulfstream II jet plane with tail number N987SA was initially traced to William Achenbaum, a wealthy New York real estate tycoon. Mr. Achenbaum says that the jet plane was being managed by Air Rutter International that according to the New York Post is owned by Arik Kislin of Long Island in New York (See New York Post 'CRASH JET HAD AIR OF MYSTERY' ). Kislin and Achenbaum are principals of the Hotel Gansevoort in New York. (See New York Post 'SHADY 'INN' CROWD') Arik Kislin is the nephew of Semyon Kislin that the Center for Public Integrity alleges is a powerful Russian Mafia member. (See http://extrados.mforos.com/visit/?http://publicintegrity.org/report.aspx... ) The Kislin family have made very large contributions to the political campaigns of Rudy Giuliani.
William Achenbaum says that he sold the plane in August to a Florida company called Donna Blue Aircraft run by Brazilians Joao Luiz Malago and Eduardo Dias Guimaraes. The two Brazilians in turn say that they sold the jet plane on September 16 to Clyde O’Connor and Greg Smith of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Federal Aviation Administration however is saying that it was never informed of the sales and that they never issued any certificates. (Update: The FAA has now posted a temporary registration certificate to Donna Blue Aircraft dated 08/31/2007 that was to expire on 09/30/2007 but still no certificate for Clyde O’Connor or Greg Smith )
Two days after the alleged purchase, the Gulfstream II left Fort Lauderdale to Cancun, Mexico and then to Río Negro, Colombia. The jet plane loaded with the 4 tons of cocaine than left to Cancun where it crashed on September 24.

The Gulfstream II jet plane (tail number N987SA) travels to and from Guantanamo, Cuba:
30.05.03 from Oxford, CT (USA) to Guantanamo
30.05.03 from Guantanamo to Washington
12.04.04 from Washington to Guantanamo
20.01.05 from Washington to Guantanamo
20.01.05 from Guantanamo to Washington

[cia-drugs] Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to CIA renditions and organized crime


Tue, 16 Oct 2007 09:10:13 -0700

http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/articles/20071015 Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to CIA renditions and organized crime publication date: Oct 15, 2007 Previous | Next October 15, 2007 -- Hillary Clinton flew on plane owned by company linked to CIA renditions and organized crime On September 24, 2007, a Gulfstream II (tail number N987SA) crashed landed in Yucatan, Mexico with 3.3 metric tons (3.7 tons) of cocaine on board.

The plane had recently been sold to Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc. of Coconut Creek, Florida, a firm owned by two Brazilians, and re-sold, shortly before the crash, to two Florida businessmen. N987SA had also flown patterns to and from Guantanamo Bay similar to those flown by CIA rendition aircraft Before being sold to Donna Blue, the Gulfstream had been owned by Air Rutter International, a firm with offices in Garden City, New York; Long Beach and Irvine, California, whose owner is Arik Kislin, the son of Sam Kislin. N987SA was owned by Kislin's business partner, William Achenbaum, an owner, along with Arik Kislin, of Manhattan's Hotel Gansevoort.

Air Rutter leased out the aircraft. WMR has learned that another Air Rutter Gulfstream II (tail number N216RR) has flown presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, including a January 2007 stop in Des Moines, Iowa. The plane, which has a crew of 3, including a jump seat for a flight attendant, and can handle up to 13 passengers, has a fully galley, a private lavatory, plush leather seats, conference seats and table, CD/DVD entertainment system, a 21 inch monitor, satellite telephone system, and even an espresso machine.

On October 9, 2007, WMR reported: Arik's uncle, Semyon (Sam) Kislin, a member of the New York City Economic Development Board and immigrant from Odessa, has poured substantial political donations into the past campaigns in New York of Hillary Clinton and [Rudolph] Giuliani. He has also contributed to past campaigns of New York Senator Charles Schumer, former Republican Senator Alphonse D'Amato, and President Bill Clinton. The Center for Public Integrity has previously reported that a 1996 Interpol report connected Sam Kislin's Trans Commodities, Inc. to two reputed Uzbek mobsters, Lev and Mikhail Chernoy.

The Interpol connected Kislin's firm to the Chernoys' fraud and embezzlement schemes. Kislin confirmed that Mikhail Chernoy had been employed by his Trans Commodities firm. The Chernoy brothers are citizens of Israel. [The Chenoys have been linked to a worldwide empire of front companies and corporate shells in Monaco, the Bahamas, Cyprus, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, the Cayman Islands, Western Samoa, London, Isle of Man, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Brighton Beach (Brooklyn), Liechtenstein, and Vanuatu].

Between 1994 and 1997, Sam Kislin and his wife Ludmila, gave Giuliani $14,250 in contributions. In 1997, after Giuliani maxed out on his GOP contributions, $9.7 million, Kislin donated $30,000 to Giuliani through the Liberal Party, the other ticket on which Giuliani was running for re-election as mayor. In May 1999, Sam Kislin co-chaired a Giuliani Senate race fundraiser at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in New York. The gathering raised $2.1 million for Giuliani's aborted senate campaign. Arik Kislin contributed $1000 to Giuliani's 1995 mayoral campaign and his Blonde Management shared office space with Sam Kislin's Trans Commodities. Sam Kislin, his wife Ludmila, their son David, and daughter Regina gave $2000 to Schumer's 1998 Senate campaign.

Sam also gave Schumer's opponent, D'Amato, $1000. Sam Kislin is also a prominent supporter of the United Jewish Appeal and Israel. Arik Kislin gave Hillary Clinton $4000 in 2006, specifically on Sept. 12, 2006. That same day an Olya Kislin also donated $4000 to Hillary Clinton. On October 1, 2007, the New York Post reported that an ex-employee of Air Rutter, Mark Billey, subsequently arrested on federal child sex charges, said he noted a number of armed U.S. Marshals at Air Rutter's facilities in Long Beach, however, given the connection between the firm and Clinton, the federal agents may have been part of Senator Clinton's Secret Service detail.

Clinton has made several fundraising visits to the Los Angeles area over the past year. On October 9, WMR also reported that Arik Kislin is associated with another airline company, Skookum Air, Inc. Government records indicate that Clinton's N216RR was owned by Skookum Air, as well as Air Rutter International, with the actual registered owner listed as GS-II Holdings, LLC, a firm registered in Delaware with offices listed at 35 E. 21st St. Suite 500, New York, NY. On October 4, 2007, when Senator Clinton visited Chicago to attend a "Republicans for Hillary" fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency, N216RR was parked at Chicago Midway Airport.

Recently, N216RR has been put up for sale.




In the early hours of Wednesday morning, two large pieces of cloth were hung in prominent places in the provincial capital Flores, with variations on the following message, reports Prensa Libre:

To all the civil and military authorities and the general population ... stop persecuting the clan or we will start to kill, we are going to launch grenades in the discos and shopping malls of Peten ... this is Z territory, we don't want a war against the government, this is the warning. Sincerely, Z-200"


Mexican cartel’s founding members trained at Fort Bragg: report

By admin

Friday, October 22, 2010 16:38 EDT

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Topics: cartel ♦ News ♦ TRAINING

The US military may have inadvertently taught one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels advanced military tactics, an al-Jazeera investigation alleges.

In the early 1990s, members of an elite Mexican military squad were trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics techniques. Ironically, somewhere between 30 and 200 of the approximately 500 Mexican soldiers who trained there went on to form the Zetas drug cartel, al-Jazeera reports.

Craig Deare, whom al-Jazeera describes as “a former US special operations commander,” told the news network that the Mexican soldiers “were given map reading courses, communications, standard special forces training, light to heavy weapons, machine guns and automatic weapons.”

Al-Jazeera reports:

The Mexican personnel who received US training and later formed the Zetas came from the Airmobile Special Forces Group (GAFE), which is considered an elite division of the Mexican military….

After US training, GAFE operatives defected from the Mexican military to become hired guns, providing security to the Gulf cartel, a well established trafficking organization, according to Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas program of the International Relations Center.

“They split from the Gulf cartel and formed as a cartel in their own right,” Carlsen, based in Mexico City, told Al Jazeera.

The Zetas’ alleged current leaders, Heriberto Lazcano, known as Z-3 and Miguel Trevino, or Z-40, were first recruited by Osiel Cardenas, the now-jailed leader of the Gulf cartel. The name “Zetas” originates from the radio code “Z” used by top military commanders in Mexico.

“Military forces from around the world train at Ft. Bragg, so there is nothing unique about Mexican operatives learning counter-insurgency tactics at the facility,” the news network notes. “However, critics say the specific skills learned by the Zetas primed them for careers as contract killers and drug dealers.”

An estimated 29,000 people have been killed since Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the cartels in 2006.

In recent months the war has been marked with increasingly brazen and violent attacks, such as the slaughter of 72 migrants on the US-Mexico border in August. Police say the massacre may have been related to a dispute between the Zetas cartel and the group they spawned from, the Gulf Cartel.

In September, 27 gunmen believed to have links to cartels were found dead in Ciudad Mier. They were on property owned by the Zetas.

Last year, gunmen believed to be working for the Zetas broke 53 people out of a prison, part of a pattern of prison break-puts allegedly orchestrated by the group.


Could the CIA plane captured by and covered up by the Nicaraguan government in part explain Mr.Daniel Ortega's dissent from Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina's desire to end illegal drug trafficking and thus drug terrorism and profits that appear to benefit international fascists connected to te U.S.government more so then to Latin American traffickers?

Could it be Mr.Ortega is cashing in on his former reputation as a 'communist' enemy of U.S. imperialism to gain from CIA cocaine trafficking in and through Nicaragua ? I think he should definitely be asked by his fellow Central American Presidents what he knows about the 4 tons or so of cocaine captured in Nicaragua on the Beechcraft King mentioned in narconews below and when he knew of its CIA connections.....Also note link to and mention of Skyway Communications DC-9 that was captured brazenly landing at the Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico airport in April of 2006 carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine aboard,not HIDDEN!, but sitting in plane view on the otherwise empty passenger seats !It should actually be added that the CIA coneected Kovars actually had direct access to the White House as well as convicted ex U.S.Republican House Majority member Tom DeLay.I know little about aviation flight patterns but I presume the DC-9 as well as the Guantanamo' rendition cocaine plane connected to U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flew in Guatemalan airspace before crashing in the Yucatan with its estimited 3+ tons of South American cocaine.I only hope Latin American leaders take seriously Barack Obama's aka Barry Soetoro's and U.S.President of Vice's mandate to crack down on them ! Note that I have personally complained to the U.S.SEC or Securities Exchange Commission about Skyways Communications to no avail.Note also that Titan Corporation torturors at Abu Graib, Iraq,(who also hired Israelis to as Arabic translators to the Iraqis they tortured and raped there),is also involved as a major investor in the Skyways Communications DC-9 captured by the Mexican army in Ciudad DAel Carmen with its 5.5 tons of cocaine.And worse yet if that's possible is the fact that the head of the DEA appointed by Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama is a Ms.Michelle Leonhart,a former executive of Titran Corporation.In other words Obama's choice to head the DEA is herself implicated in and directly tied to the DC-9 and its 5.5 tons of Mexican army confiscated cocaine !She needs to be arrested in Latin America according to the orders of U.S. pResident Obama and his President of Vice Joseph Biden ! :

Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07 - SEC


28 Jan 2008 – the Skyway Communications penny stock 'pump and dump' scam. ... million all because I,(Tony Ryals) ,used the alias 'wolfblitzzer0' to post on the ..... Utah Gov Jon Huntsman,Senator Bennett, Hatch call Republican Senator ...



Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,Torture and Bush's Bloody Murder

by Tony Ryals

Friday May 12th, 2006

Our Securities Exchange Commission should be investigated for allowing even encouraging money laundering,drug trafficking and probable terrorism with U.S. 'securities' or stock shares they allow to be used for cocaine trafficking and money laundering with shares of worthless U.S. companies they refuse to audit or close down.Skyway Communications is just one of many of those.

Tom DeLay should pay for his underworld connections to not only lobbyist and murder suspect Abramoff but also for aiding Skyway Communications' Brent Kovar.But then it was also the Republican party itself that aided Mr.Kovar as well as Abhu Ghraibe torturers and butchers at Titan Corp itself.Apparently all the pork barrel deals they have received from the corrupt W Busholini administration was still not enough to quench their blood thirsty greed and thus the 5.5 tons of cocaine busted last month in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico really is a Republican scandal to put it mildly............


Why did Obama Appoint Bush holdover Michele Leonhart to head the DEA?

(Daniel Hopsicker) In a much-criticized move, Acting DEA administrator Michele Leonhart spent more than $123,000 to charter a private jet, instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes, to fly to Colombia two years ago.

The level of disapproval would have been even higher if it had been known that the DEA chartered the jet from a contractor with a major investment in a shell company in Florida that owned a DC9 caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico.

“Just as the nation was reeling from the worst economic crisis in decades, with the national debt climbing toward $10 trillion, Leonhart chose an expensive outside jet charter company instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes for her trip to Bogotá, Colombia last fall,” reported Marisa Taylor of McClatchy Newspapers.

In a Feb 16, 2009 story headlined “DEA official’s private charter cost $123,000,” Taylor reported that the DEA chartered the jet for Leonhart’s trip from L-3 Communications, which bills itself as the nation’s sixth largest defense contractor, and which made more than $32 million from the DEA in 2008 for transportation services, while the company’s largest subsidiary, “Titan Group of L-3 Communications,” had a $70,000 investment in a shell company in Miami with no employees, no earnings and no prospects, but which somehow wound up as the true and legal owner of a DC9 carrying a cargo of 5.5 tons of cocaine.

Some might suggest that had been the purpose of the investment all along........

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