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President Vladimir Putin ended up into NBI's Suspected Person's Register

Ruis, gepost door: Åke Tyvi op 15/04/2013 04:04:40

Wanneer: 15/04/2013 - 15:06

President Vladimir Putin ended up into NBI's Suspected Person's Register because of his 'connections' to Russia Hell Angels

President Vladimir Putin ended up into NBI's Suspected Person's Register because of his 'connections' to Russia Hell Angels

Head Chief of Police Command, Mikki Paatero, stated that there is nothing to compare when it comes down to this data seepage, not even data snooping attempts on skier Mika Myllylä or Anneli Auer cases. /1/

Jutta Urpiainen (Social Democrat Party), Ministry of Finance Treasury, made a statement according to which ”it has been embarrassing” that President Valdimir Putins name got into Central Criminal Police Black List. /2/

Assistant Chief of The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) , Tero Kurjenmaa, says it may be possible, that Putin leak into media was made by either police and other official. Article states, that NBI has made a mistake, when they registered Russia's President Vladimir Putin's name into The Suspected Person's Register (a note related to the s.c. Finnish Court Prosedure; guilty until otherwise proved – doesn't sound very western way of doing things...). Recording was made 'without any illegal grounds' and 'NBI is sorry for this faulty act of using the register'. The specific recording was made couple weeks ago and was removed there 'couple days ago (on Wednesday 10th of April 2013).
Assistant Chief of NBI, Tero Kurenmaa, read an apology in an press meeting at Vantaa NBI's HQ.
About 1000 police has got access to The Suspected Person's Register. For now, it looks as if only one person has done the recording decision told Kurenmaa. According to him, the person having made ”the insertion by mistake” has been preliminary examined. NBI stated that this register on Finnish Police Intelligence Register containing information on Crime Intelligence, Observations and Surveillance on people that Police Suspects Committing or Having Committed Crimes, which may lead into jailing or affect crime acts more than six months. /5/

President Sauli Niinistö thinks it is unintelligible/inscrutable/incomprehensible/unthinkable/unbelievable, that President Valdimir Putin's name ended up in NBI's Register. ”Feels very unbelievable, that such an error could take a place” told President Niinistö to reporters at Helsinki Yard, while he was participating to Ship Naming Occasion. /6/
I say. Who on earth would suspect ex-KGB spy, former last head and decision maker of FSB and The President of Russia of even twisting a hair from a child’s head? Well? To put in a Russia way ”I do not”. Let me make this clear, so that you understand this; Who assigned The Osama Bin Laden hunt – the president or what (point: who makes the decisions)? Looks more like Head Chief of Police Command, Mikki Paatero, tries to save his ass or what. - Every nation must has these suspections as paranoid as policemen are and most agents come from the same people? And honestly, I do not know if Putin involved to any suspicious activity. However, if a normal procedure says 'anyone appearing with Hell Angels should be registered', than why he gets special treatment (for example compared to my if I were the case; point was)?

One thing is for sure: Finnish NBI Leaks Like a Sinking Boat similar to United Kingdom (British 'Magnificent Fife' case to mention an example). This means moulds are working inside NBI and Finnish Police Registers a) May Contain True Information, that is Being Corrupted on Political or other Bases, and b) NBI's registers May Contain False Information base the cases come into day light, and most of all c) Case Witness Protection from NBI side Can Not Be Taken Seriously (or taken as seriously as shooting a bullet into one's head by oneself). When this data seepage information is combined to other information on police work received from public sources, the fact of NBI not taking private property cases under examination, leads into a consumption, why these people are doing their work as they are and to whom these people are working for.
As politician are now taking control in Finnis Data Seepage Scandal, in stead on criminal investigators, it also indicates that we do not have any real functioning police and legal system, because this is about to be a political decision; so much for laws, justice and Finnish Legal State. Finnish President's favoured term ”Legal State” starts reminding of Nazi-German's 'Rechtsstaat' (i.e. Legal State) more and more every day... based on the fact that one can no longer trust to police, NBI or Finnish Security Police.

Besides Finnish Police is keeping Black Lists on peple they think might be criminals, they also plan to make yet an other register called 'an observation register', were police could record 'observation on people and their acts'. How close do we have to go, before rest of the world realises Finland being already worse than East-Germany? Starting next year, Finnish Police is able to Install Spy Programs and Troijans into citizen computers via Telephone and Data Operators working on Finland’s soil. And as usual, only suspecting someone is enough to plant these Trojans and Ppy Programs into one's home (or work) computer – so much for Business Secrects. Were is The Privacy, The Laws Protecting Civilians from Police Despotism and Judges Interpreting Laws for People's Benefit? We haven't got any. In fact we do not have a funtioning civil laws, except perhaps on paper!

Besides criminals, Finnish Police is also listing innocent innocent into these registers to prevent them getting hired on a Government Post. Besides this, these police may contact to certain corporates behind one's back, or these corporates may ask a credability statement from security police (or some other police organisation) or crimal register, which now have been proved on be at least some entent based either partial informatio, incorrect or maybe even sometimes correct information, as Vladimir Putin's case proofs.

In 1990 - at the time when Russia Mafia influnced stringly at Tampere region and when these people were after large down down apartments, among other things - I returned to Finland from my USA confenrece trip, and got an attack immediately having returned to my Tampere Down Town Park Home, as an after experience I can say only this; I Would Had Got Killed in The Hands of Tampere and Pirkanmaa Region Police, Legal Machinery and Doctors /6/. When I moved to Helsinki Capital area I did not experience the same problem at the same extent. Later on I moved to Turku for a while due to my studies, and I did not came across the same kind on persecution than in Pirkanmaa region. Even I lost my property because police never run a proper investigation on crimes I filed in (even supported with a solicitor), and because lawyers do not really take care of private issues in Finland, I succeeded to save my life. Thus I can not value much people from Tampere and Pirkanmaa region for what they did (and what they did not do); with the exception to a handful citizen at Tampere Region, and those academicals supporting indirectly the respect of individual rights and laws.

This case comes more to The Credability of NBI as a Failed Organisation to Keep Secrects and not doing their work as they should than finding Vladimir Putin's name or someone Putin is familiar with (i.e. Aleksandr Zaldostanovia) name from some register.

Based on these and previous proofs I would not trust to Finnish Police, Legal Machinery, The Supreme Guardian of The Law in Finland (The Chancellor of Justice of the Government and The Parliamentary Ombudsman), State Prosecutors or Prosecutors. And for the same reason I think one must face the same fact internationally.

/1/ Head Chief of Police Command Mikki Paatero, ”Myllylä and Auer cases are peanuts compared to this one”,
/3/ Nigh Wolfves are Russia Hell Angels,
/4/ Comments, ”Professors assisting in spy recruitment – do they also kill us?”,
/5/ Central Criminal Police thad a chat with the one who made the Putin mistake: ”They did a question or two”,
/6/ President Sauli Niinistö was amazed about the Putin soup: ”Unbelievable”,

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