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JC van Hattumweg 3 resquatted!

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Today, on the 5th of March we announce the re-squatting of JC van Hattumweg 3, Amstelveen as part of our intersectional feminist fight against capitalism. We have been here already for 3 days. 

Today, on the 5th of March we announce the re-squatting of JC van Hattumweg 3 as part of our intersectional feminist fight against capitalism. We have been here already for 3 days. 

The lack of affordable housing poses a threat to our livelihoods, especially for those among us who are already made to feel unsafe and unwelcome in today's capitalist society. We cannot accept that houses are kept empty to make profit while we see our comrades struggling to find sleeping places. We take back the city that has been taken from us by private investors and politicians! All housing should be free, rent is theft! 

Again and again we see squats being violently evicted by fascist police who's only purpose is to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. Nevertheless, we stay strong and united, continuing our fight until we win! Giving up is not an option!

We are happy to have seen an increase in squatting actions in the Netherlands throughout the last years. Many of these squats, however, do not feel safe for us and our FINTA* comrades (Female, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans and Agender), because the patriarchy is not absent from our communities. Too often we have had to give up our safety and comfort to make space for cis-men. Instead of waiting for someone to liberate us, we liberate ourselves and build the world we want to live in! 

Therefore, we come together as FINTA* people to create a space for our radical fight against racist, ableist, sexist, classist, transphobic and xenophobic exploitation. A space where we can exist without having to worry for our safety. We resquatted JC van Hattumweg 3 to build a home for FINTA* people and as a political organizing space for FINTA*-only groups such as Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam. We build this space to start dreaming about a world without authorities, without exploitation but full of respect and mutual aid.

We do not stand alone in our struggle, but are part of a growing mass showing their anger towards the capitalist system exploiting us. Autonomous Student Struggle, Elektra Flinta and AFGA are part of this mass and we are excited to see that not only one, but 3 places have been resquatted today! 

We stand in solidarity with all housing and land struggles, struggles for autonomy and freedom and against exploitation, in the Netherlands and all over the world! 

Squat the Rich! Smash the Patriarchy!

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