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Boats4People -- Brief report from the Station in Palermo (5th and 6th of
July 2012)

In the morning of the 5h of July the B4P-boat Oloferne arrived in the port of Palermo and was welcomed by a small group of activists. Then the Oloferne was decorated with Boats4People-banners and used next day for a press-conference, which was visited by several local TV-teams and journalists, who published some fotos and interviews. At late afternoon the announced central B4P-event started in a nice big yard of a church-building, which is used by a lot of african migrants as meeting point. More than 100 visitors followed the various reports and
-- about local projects for integration (anti-discrimination) and medical support of migrants;
-- about the aims of the B4P-project;
-- experiences from two migrants from Ghana and Nigeria, who came as boatmigrants from Libya via Lampadusa to Italy;
-- from a lawyer about refoulement and internment;
-- from a young tunesian blogger about his project to support the relatives of disappeared boatpeople;
-- from a tunesian mother about her missing son;
-- from an activist from Amsterdam about the campaign against Frontex.

In the yard some banners with the demand on freedom of movement had been placed, exhibitions about Frontex, about the disappeared and about flight-stories have been presented. The transnational composed info-evening ended with a conncert and the call to participate in the memorial for the victims of the EU-borderregime next evening on the promenade of the sea.

At the next day (6th of July) a small delegation visited the detention-camp near Trapani. Simultaneously a few workshops took place in Palermo, one about the disappeared. Afterwards B4P-flyers have been distributed in the inner city, which included again the invitation for the memorial. The memorial took place at the promenade of the sea, where again banners have been placed and a lot of candles have been used. Simultaneously candle lights could be seen on two boats in the near sea. Most attention was given to the 20 meter long banderole, which was rolled out on the street and on which the dates, the names -- as far as known -- and also the circumstances of the death of more than 18.000 victims of the EU-borderregime have been listed. Participants of the memorial read the names of some of the victims, it was combined with a reading with a song and a few spontaneous very impressive speeches of participating migrants and also a migrant that happened to pass by, who shared a song he had written after his severe boat journey to Italy.

Find more informations, reports, interesting fragments and pictures (in german):
and in many languages:

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