Today in 1947: The National Security Act is signed into law

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July 26, 2013
One of the most disturbing aspects of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance operations revealed by Edward Snowden is the fact that this spying is being conducted on ordinary American citizens. Lees meer...

The Company Rapes Children

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We can't be a perfect nation, there have been none prior to us throughout history, and there will be none after us that are. There is nothing in the universe that is without some flaw or having its own deficiencies. But, it becomes dangerous when people running any great nation become corrupt and take advantage of the good will of the people of a given country for themselves. Lees meer...

It's a Business

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Modern times have seen us lose much of our innocence regarding notions of political figures being heroic and committed to serving the public and the good of the nation. To even say it almost sounds like the set up to a bad joke. There probably was a period in our history when the idea of becoming an elected official meant being humbled by the opportunity to serve the nation. Lees meer...

Ed’s Aren't As Powerful As ...

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When I was a student at the University of Connecticut between the years of 2003 and 2006 I had the opportunity to view an aspect of the way our tax dollars get spent up close and personal. I saw this, though I wasn't meant to, and the way things were to unfold, there certainly couldn't have been any script, none that got adhered to anyway. Lees meer...

The Floor Is Actually White

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People can be labeled all kinds of things during a single lifetime, and those labels may or may not help them depending on the person and the situation. Cumulatively labels make up one's reputation which is essentially like a resume of one's past deeds – past deeds remembered. As one goes through their life they collect labels, some that are there because they actually earned them and others certain people outside of themselves stuck on them. People can't fight off all unfair or untrue labels and many do fade as time goes on and we grow up and get older. Lees meer...

While the Tree Was Being Lit

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On December 1 the First Family and the nation celebrated the annual lighting of the White House Christmas Tree. It was a joyous event, one of the better over the last few administrations, celebrating not only the holiday and the season but so much more. It celebrated the things that are great about our country including our traditions that bring us together as a nation. Many stars were on hand to celebrate along with the first family. Children were on hand to watch and celebrate along with their parents and it was truly an American family affair. Lees meer...

Key Positions Behind the Camera and Key Positions In Front Of It

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When I was in college between 2003 and 2006 here in my coutry, America, I was harassed by fellow students and professors while attending a degree program I was majoring in. The harassment was predicated upon my race and a student protest I was involved in at another school roughly thirteen years prior. I was subtly harassed through a constant litany of insinuation, being subtly ostracized within the program and being purposefully not given all the information necessary to complete assignments fully etc. Other times it was much more blatant. Lees meer...

Dressing Up Underage Boys For War Profits

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In my country, America, as it is across the globe, Americans are angry about the state of the nation. In so many ways things are not better they're worse. Things aren't moving in a more positive direction - not currently anyway. In fact just the opposite. It isn't helping us as a nation. People are unhappy with both parties and the administration. These are what all the polls are saying and protest movements from all sides of the political spectrum, like the voice of a nation, confirm it. Lees meer...

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