Utrecht - Right wing intimidation

Hier kun je discussieren over Utrecht - Right wing intimidation.
We are asking all the people interested to protect and support our place for solidarity.

There was a short clash between us and a local right wing group outside our building.
We are Ravelaan 7 squat.Since yesterday we have been thrown bottles and stones and we are under constant intimidation from various racists who are trying to harass our place and intimidate and confront the people who come to our location.We kindly ask every activist who fights against racism and right wing violence to visit and support us at our location.Also several of them were arrested after they tried to attack us,one of them got abandoned by his fellow fascists and left his scooter there.


Ravelaan 7 Utrecht

Re: Utrecht - Right wing intimidation

The people harrassing you are indeed total shit, but so are X and X. their so-called radical antiracism is fucking idiotic and dangerous to the whole activist / squatter scene. you really should not want to be associated with them.
We all agree that zwarte piet should go. but not by the means of ridiculous terrorist threats.
Kick these people out of your squat!

Re: Utrecht - Right wing intimidation

Kick out the persons mentioned above and your trouble will be over. Give the fascist back to the fascist. They won't stand up and protect your squat them selfs, and let 'the scene' do their dirty work.

For the rest of ravellaan, stay strong!

Flikker toch dat

Flikker toch dat botsplintertuig eruit en support zal je ontvangen.

Obvious that those fascists

Obvious that those fascists went to Ravelaan because of X and X. Ever since those two moved to Utrecht they only brought shit with them.
They destroyed everything they touched, spitting on the whole scene, abusing their own squat and then hiding behind the movement as great activists when it was convenient. All they do is spread hatred, and vomit their personal violence and frustrations on anyone who does not submit to their crazy politics. Not what I call fighting fascism and racism.
I wouldn't lift my pinky to help them, let them fight their own fucked up war and kick them out!

[no names]

[no names]

I find the comments here

I find the comments here idiotic. People ask for help fighting racists. The answer is NOT to kick people out of squats who provoked the racists. If we would do that, we submit to fascist culture.

You are entitled to your

You are entitled to your opinion. But do you not agree that the two people referred to do have some pretty fascist tendencies themselves? Noone is saying that it's the fault of the other squatters at the Ravellaan, they are just saying that some of the inhabitants should not be allies nor friends, you shouldn't want to be associated with them.

In general, I agree with you.

In general, I agree with you. Never sell out your comrades, nor leave them alone in the fight even if you don't fully agree with them.
But the two people mentioned are not comrades, nor anarchists. If you knew them you'd know.

The squat of Ravelaan has all my support, for all the nice initiative they do and the nice people they are. Please, get rid of the scum!

The squat (afore mentioned)is

The squat (afore mentioned)is FULL of great individuals BUT there is a fascistic element that has ALWAYS been lingering in the background of R7 like a bad smell
Intimitating people either coming to the squat or any of the residents (that generally) don't meet up with THEIR ideological standards
It's a SHAME that there's small choice in rotten apples

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